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Your Summer Holiday Checklist Sorted.

Lads, the summer season is finally upon us! There is nothing better than packing your suitcase to get yourself in the summer holiday mood - I know a fair few of you guys will leave the packing until the last minute. But we highly recommend you get the packing done at least 5 days before you jet off, this will allow you time to double check all of your travel essentials. Plus it will get you into that summer feeling!


1. Teeny-tiny Shampoo & Conditioner

You would be surprised at the amount of people that forget these two crucial travel buddies: travel sized shampoo & conditioner. These are handy to have so that when you arrive at your holiday pad at 4am, you don't have to run around a strange new place searching for your closest newsagents or chemist the next morning. More snoozin', showerin' and sunnin' time for you!

2. Sun cream, sun cream, and more sun cream.

If you are from the little green island that is Ireland, then you will more than likely resemble a milk bottle. But still hoping to get somewhat of a tan? Then start your holiday with a high factor of 50 and gradually move down to 30, then maybe even to 20. This will allow your skin to adjust to the sun, free of that lobster skin that is sunburn. You can get almost everything travel sized which is ideal for throwing into your bag for the beach or pool. (This rule excludes typical Irish red-heads, who are we kidding- you will burn either way!) 

3. Teabags - can't get more Irish than that.

As long as I can remember my very Irish mammy would always pack a few teabags in the luggage, because God forbid we arrive to our apartment and are in dire need of a cuppa' tea. Plus Irish tea is one of a kind - can't be drinking the tea from another country, pure blasphemy!

4. A good book to kick back to.

NERD-ALERT.Make a reading wish-list before your holidays, pop by a book store before going to the airport so as not to be disappointed with your top book to read sold out. What better way to escape than turn the phone off on your flight and escape to a land between pages, which can be continued under the sun by the pool! Most definitely something to smile about. 

5. The Holy Grail: Dental travel bag.

Bring your travel mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush and dental floss. It will ensure you have your teeth shining for that holiday selfie to show off on your Insta-Story while your friends watch from a (hopefully) grey and wet Ireland. If you are going through Your Smile Direct treatment of invisible braces - you will a hundred percent need your aligner case with you everywhere you go. It is the must have on your summer holiday checklist as you need it for when you are eating your exotic meals or drinking your alcoholic bevy's. A nice safe place to store your precious aligners. (Please say in the voice of Gollum.)


 Try on your summer smile

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