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FAQs on Invisible Braces Treatment - Part Two

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1. How long should I wear my retainer after I have finished the treatment plan?

When you finish our treatment you need to wear your retainer 22 hours a day for six months. After that, you simply need to wear it at night to preserve your results.

Remember, as with any teeth straightening procedure, if you don't wear your retainer there is no guarantee your teeth will stay super straight.

2. Can you fix malocclusions?

Yes, we can adjust malocclusions! But we can only see suitability when you get your kit or scan done, so please check if you are suitable through our Smile Assessment. We can then provide a estimation of how your teeth will move over time through our treatment plans


3. Do I need to wear my retainer during the day?

Yes, you have to wear them the same way you have worn your aligners. You should wear it as long as aligners, so we are talking about 22 hours a day.

You take them out when you eat or when you brush your teeth so the more time that your retainer is in your mouth the better the chance of keeping your brand new smile intact! 

 4. What happens if I don’t feel like my teeth have straightened out enough by the end?

If you are not comfortable with your new smile and you think that they have not been straightened enough…don’t worry!! You can organise refinements with our team and they will help you to reach your #SmileGoal.

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5. Does your kit whiten teeth also?

We are currently busy bees and working on including whitening into our Home Smile Kits! So watch this space - it will be getting brighter very soon!


6. If you have a scan do you need to do impressions?

Nope! You only have to do one or the other, both with the intention of saving you time and money. You have one visit to the Smile Clinic to complete the scan of your teeth.


You order your Home Smile Kit which is delivered straight to your door and can complete your dental impressions yourself in the comfort of your Onesie. You can watch our Home Smile Kit tutorial.

7. If you are going on a night out, is it okay to take the aligners out for a few hours?

We do not recommend you taking your aligners out for more than the 2 hour break in your day. What people usually do when going to weddings or festivals, is that they come prepared with their essentials - toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, water and a straw! Drinking your cocktail through a straw is going to be that little bit better than swishing the sticky sugar around your mouth and on to your poor precious aligners. Every little step can make a huge difference!

So just be vigilant - brush your teeth and rinse your aligners at least every 2 hours and guard your straw with your life! But overall we do recommend that you do NOT remove the aligners for more than the recommended 2 hours! We may be "hip and cool" about your social needs but this is where we put our foot down and pull out the strict parent card. 


8. Is it normal for your aligners to feel loose a few days before switching to the next one?

YES! This means your teeth are responding to the treatment well. Keep this aligner on until the scheduled time to change. (Each aligner is generally to be worn for 2 weeks). You keep up the dedication Smiler and you will be smiling from ear to ear until you're 100! 

9. If I go on holiday in a few weeks, will I wait until I get back from that to start the process?

We absolutely recommend waiting until you know you will be in your own normal routine (that will not involve over-indulging on food and alcoholic beverages more than usual) otherwise our treatment is totally friendly to the jet-setters, workaholics and busy bee parents!

Of course, if your holidays are planned during your invisible brace treatment, it is not the end of the world. You just need to bring a little dental essentials bag to accompany you to your trips to the loo! But most importantly soak up the sun, sea and Vitamin D. 

beach10. What is the difference between retainers and aligners? 


Aligners move your teeth into place. They literally "align" your teeth into the guided position from the help of the aligners.  


These guys keep and maintain your teeth in the new desired positioning of your teeth, as your teeth are constantly moving. Literally speaking: they retain them in their new place! 

Think of it this way; aligners are like little construction workers while retainers are the final house that keeps all that work in place! :) 

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