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6 Reasons You SHOULD Buy Invisible Braces ONLINE!

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1. You have a busy schedule!

Buying your invisible aligners online is handy and time-savvy, meaning you have more time for your work, family, friends and your doggo. YourSmileDirect strives to make your time with us as smooth and as simple as possible! Our main aim is to make teeth straightening fast, affordable and easy for you!

The only time that you need to take time out of your busy schedule is if you visit one of our Smile Clinics for a 3D teledentistry scan. Alternatively, you can opt for our Home Smile Kit, which gives you the option of making your dental impressions in the comfort of your PJs! We provide you with a helpful tutorial , a Home Smile Guide and we will also be doing live stream tutorials every so often!

2. We are with you on #YourSmileJourney every aligner of the way!

Our customer care team are always there for you (queue Friends theme song) - they work from Monday to Saturday! You can chat on our website, by email or by phone. You can talk to your Smile Care team before, during and after your treatment - some of our Smile Care team have even made bestos through their help!

They have heard every experience and issue under the sun. They have made it their mission to be your smile champion (queue the trumpets!), helping you with any queries, concerns or questions you may have to make your Smile Journey the best journey - the end goal is to make you happy with your perfect smile!

Smile Care Team hours9am - 7pm  Monday to Friday // 9am - 4pm Saturdays

3. Our Qualified Dentists

We have registered, licensed dentists within our many Smile Clinics and at our Dublin HQ. Our dentists are happy to talk to you, and of course encourage you, reaching out before and throughout your treatment. They are here to make you feel comfortable in raising queries or questions at any time - so don’t be shy!

Our dentists review the results of your Smile Assessment, giving you your initial diagnosis, and will constantly be revising your smile progress! You can talk to them via email on info@yoursmiledirect.com at any time. We are also a member of the European Aligner Society -  just to add more to our awesome authenticity ;)

4. We are 70% cheaper than other teeth straightening options!

Yes!! You can save on the cost while still receiving a first class product and service (yes we are that good!). We cut out the in-person orthodontist visits for a reason - the cost! It allows our invisible aligners to be 70% cheaper than other competing aligner systems that are in place through the traditional orthodontic practices.

But one thing we definitely don’t cut down on is quality - our aligners are made of the highest quality material on the market! Our aim is to deliver affordable, simple and discreet aligners for our customers. We also have payment plans that can suit any budget!

5. Money Back Guarantee

Generally most people are a fit for our clear aligners, but if our fancy teledentistry finds the results from your Home Smile Kit or Smile Clinic scan show you are not a suitable candidate for our treatment, you are guaranteed a FULL REFUND!

That is what is so good about buying our invisible aligners online as it cuts the high costs that traditional providers charge for just one appointment - an appointment you would most definitely not get your money back on!

6. Connect with Current and Past Patients

We have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages where you can connect with current and previous patients within our community.

We understand that this is a huge and exciting transformation for you to undertake and that is why we cultivate a network which can give you first hand advice, support and guidance before and during your Smile Journey! Join our Smile Community on our YourSmileDirect Facebook Group, where other customers and care team members can share tips, tricks and advice!

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