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Why some people aren’t smiling confidently.

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hiding your smileNew research indicates that a good way to make a new friend is to SMILE. So it is really important to smile confidently, but how can we do that if we don’t feel confident about how our teeth look? I personally like to be surrounded by smiley people. As the Chinese proverb goes; “never slap the smiler”, which means Smilers are too adorable to slap. (Just keep smiling as you don’t wanna be slapped, right?)

Of course this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to smile if you don’t have the best teeth! According to a new survey, MORE THAN HALF of adults in Europe have fake teeth - ie veneers. According to GSK and Wrigley 3,500 Europeans were surveyed in 2012 and 70% said they did not have any hang ups about their dental health but half  said they don’t have their real teeth. Us Irish have been found guilty of not brushing our teeth after meals at a whopping 84% compared to other European figures! Whoops.

But this dental carelessness seems to have changed, as another survey has been completed in 2017. Parents seem to be opting for orthodontics, they pay for their kids treatment and are seeing the results and are feeling well “jealo”! But mid-lifers aren’t the only ones racing to the dentists and orthodontists -

“If you were to ask 100 women aged 18-35 if they’d like their teeth a little whiter, 90% would say yes,” says Dr Barry Buckley of Dental Options in Clane.

This chimes with results of a 2015 survey of 159 people by Dublin’s Seapoint Clinic: it found nine out of 10 Irish women envy other people’s smiles and long for whiter teeth.

So do men: 52% of them admitted to smile envy and 48% wished their teeth were straighter.

Irish Examiner, Helen O'Callaghan

So, obviously, having good teeth and therefore a good smile can play an important role in our lives. Unfortunately, cost is usually the main obstacle for people - especially for the poor paupers that are Millennials. Orthodontics tend to be the priciest among dental treatments. It’s understandable why young adults have no choice but to keep their teeth the way they are, but do not fret young Smilers - here comes the 70% cheaper alternative. 

Clear aligner treatment dramatically changes the appearance of teeth in the majority of mild to moderate concerns. Once treatment is finished there is nothing left to do except smile confidently - you’ll even be smiling while crying. 

When you smile you use only 17 muscles, which is way better than being a grump with 43 muscles for frowning, which means less chance of wrinkles when you smile back at the world! Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”  definitely comes to mind here:


The Twits,Roald Dahl

“In orthodontics, we take a lot of before and after photos. After, you see the difference in their facial appearance, in the clothes they wear — they’re much more confident in how they appear.” - Dr. Crotty

Even though Dahl states that stick-out teeth and a smile are still lovely, we gotta’ agree with Crotty here; the whole face and appearance completely transforms after your invisible brace treatment. Look at one of our favourite Smilers Amy:

Amy Jane Simpson collage

You would be lying if you said that this did no transformation to her face:

18582393_10155075040896690_6479338151637165269_n29597843_10155942816091690_6525042786313840983_nBefore & After Facebook Profile Photos

The confidence that exudes from her face is contagious - we love her results as it reinforces one of our main mantras: Less hiding, more smiling!Aside from the main benefit of smiling with confidence, customers have also reported the additional perks of invisible braces; eating less junk food, fatty snacks or unhealthy drinks. In turn you drink more water which is good for both your teeth and your diet! The finished straight teeth means less food and plaque are caught between your teeth. Don’t forget, your teeth are forever, so it’s definitely worth treating yourself a lifelong perfect smile!



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