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You asked, we answered - What to expect with Your Smile Directs invisible braces treatment!

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 So we had you guys asking us a string of questions and we have gladly answered them below! First of all the basics - where we are located and DOES IT WORK(yes it does!) -have a gander at our results!

1. What if impressions fail?

If you make a mistake with your Home Smile Kit, fear not dear Smiler! With your first kit, you receive four trays! Which means you have two chances to do your top and bottom arches. If you make a mistake with these trays we send you out a second set of trays for only £25, simply because we want to protect the environment and keep our hands green and clean! :)

2. Will the impression process damage any current dental work?

Fillings - you need to get those bad boy cavities filled before you start your Smile Journey! Or else our dentist detectives will scope it out that you are not suitable!

Crowns - this one can go either way depending on your individual situation. Our dentist shall let you know when they have a peek at your photos or if they see you in person! But if you are planning to get a crown soon, we advise you get your royal crown ceremony done and dusted before starting with us!

3. How to return your impression kit?

UK & Northern Ireland: You return your kit by sticking your UPS label onto your package and finding your nearest UPS drop off point.

Rep. of Ireland: You simply pop your provided DHL sticker onto the package and find your nearest DHL location.

Italy: You can send the package by post or by courier (Shipping Fee )

France: You can send the package by post or by courier (Shipping Fee)

Australia & New Zealand: You can post your package by post or courier (Shipping Fee)


Your Smile Direct
Totten & Connolly Dental Laboratory Limited
18 Hamilton Rd
Bangor, Northern Ireland
BT20 4LE


Your Smile Direct
162 Pacoe Vale Road
Moonee Ponds, Victoria

4. What if the trays with home impression kit are the wrong size?

If the trays we have sent do not fit your beautiful teeth, please contact us ASAP and we shall send you trays that will do what THEY ARE TOLD and FIT! (Basically we’ll send a different size that fits your mouth!) Generally the trays will fit but we can send a bigger or smaller tray FOR FREE, if needs be! 

5. Gloves don't fit, can putty be rolled without gloves?

Yes you can touch the putty, you can make putty angels if you wish! But all jokes aside, make sure to thoroughly clean your hands before touching the putty! You don't want anything "nastay" getting mixed into your putty!

6. Who to contact if having difficulty with the impression kit or aligners?

You can contact our Smile care team at info@yoursmiledirect.com and they will be more than happy to help. If you have been in direct contact with a Smile Care team member prior to treatment, do not hesitate to give them a bell or drop them a mail! We have a Home Smile Kit tutorial video which you can follow for tips and tricks along, aaaaand a Home Smile Guide leaflet that takes you step by step!  Join us on the Facebook Smile Community group where everyone is happy to answer any questions, queries or uncertainties that you may have about joining the Smile Revolution!


7. How soon until treatment plan is sent and aligners will be received? You should receive your Treatment Plan within 10 days - this will be a interactive 3D model of your own teeth and how they will progress over the coming weeks (technology and its magic will never cease to amaze!)

Your invisible aligners will then arrive in one month from the date your Treatment Plan has been delivered!


8. After making impressions, do they have to be returned right away?

Please do not prolong returning the impressions! We need them straight away as time can be a cruel villain, we do not want any distortions or changes to happen to the impressions - so we want them as fresh as possible!

9. Do you have a payment plan?

YourSmileDirect offers a finance plan in all countries: UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand. The pricing varies in each country so please have a peek at our very informative pricing page! We are all about making the journey to your perfect smile an affordable one! 

10. Do I have to buy my retainers at the end of treatment?

No you do not! Your retainers are FREE. Once upon a time you had to pay extra but now that is a thing of the past. Most definitely a happy ever after if ever we heard one! We are all about making your Smile Fairytale come true! Any more questions and queries, you can check out our FAQ's

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