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What is cosmetic teeth straightening?

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So you are not happy with your smile or teeth. You feel self conscious anytime that you have to get into a photo. Here at Your Smile Direct we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and happy in their own skin (or smile). We totally agree that looks are certainly not everything.

It has to be said, there's something special about treating yourself to some self-care grooming that can bring a new wave of confidence. Be it a trip to the hair dressers, a manicure, a bubble bath or even a scale and polish from the dentist - the pampering list is endless. We all know the feeling after your dental visit where you run your teeth along your squeaky clean teeth. (If you have never got a scale and polish - you are missing out! Go book an appointment now, plus it is recommended by our invisible brace dentists that you do this procedure at least 6 months before beginning our invisible brace treatment.) We have got customer feedback of the feeling of running their tongue across their newly straightened teeth is like the scale and polish feeling but x100.

Our clear brace treatment targets The Social Six - which is the front six teeth on the top arch and the front six teeth on the bottom arch. So the technology used for our treatment is a 3D tele-dentistry procedure which means we can 3D print your invisible aligners at a much more cost effective price using the information collected from a Home Smile Kit or the Smile Clinic scan. So basically the treatment will straighten the teeth that are visible in a smile; cosmetic teeth straightening.


The term "Hollywood smile" didn't crop up from nowhere. Dental technology has innovated so much causing the equipment to be expensive; in turn causing the cosmetic dental treatment to be seen as a A-list treatment. One reason behind traditional dental clinics not using invisible aligners is that they simple cannot afford the fees charged by their lab therefore offering the traditional metal brace. The reason that the cost of dentists can be high is that metal brace treatment can last for years which means each appointment with the dentist can put a dent in your pocket.

So what we are here to tell you is that Your Smile Direct are now closing the gap between the Hollywood celebrities and us mere mortals. Cosmetic teeth straightening is now easily accessible and affordable. You will have either one dental visit or none at all; depending on the consultation and evaluation process you decide to use.

So say goodbye to all of those doubts you once had; we are not scam artist's, you can see by your generated Treatment Plan if you are suitable for our treatment and how the cosmetic teeth straightening will alter your teeth before deciding if you wish to purchase the invisible aligners. Our goal is simply to provide professional and cosmetic teeth straightening in a shorter time and without needing to smash the piggybank. 

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