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What foods are good for teeth?

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Our mouth and teeth go through a lot in one day; eating, brushing, chewing on pens - even being used for opening things! Let’s face it, out of all these activities the best thing is, of course, EATING FOOD! So we have compiled a list of what foods are good for your teeth, so that we can encourage this awesome trait of humanity in the healthiest way possible! Of course while eating all of these yummy foods, you should have your invisible braces taken out! Take a look at our FAQs or our Q&A blog for any other queries on our invisible braces!

Chocolate Smiles for Miles

Yes, you read that correctly, it’s as if the Food Gods heard our prayers! Now, we’re talking DARK chocolate which is 70% cacao, and not that sugary delight that is milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has a compound called CBH which is amazing at hardening the enamel on your teeth. It’s been said that it could be even more effective than flouride! Imagine the possibilities: CHOCOLATE TOOTHPASTE. Dare we say chocolate braces? We kid, we kid. But, dark chocolate also contains three antioxidants that benefit our teeth in different ways: Tannins help prevent bacteria sticking to your teeth, Polyphenols keep the bad breath at bay, and Flavonoids can save teeth from decay! All the more reason for you to go treat yo’self to a nice square of dark chocolate - Go! We give you full permission to enjoy, in moderation of course ;-)

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Cheese (for the aligner selfie!)

So, cheese is a ninja at tackling acid erosion! Countless foods can cause tooth decay - from citrus and soft drinks to breads and sweets, all of which can cause acid to erode your teeth. It’s ideal to eat cheese either with these foods or after, to help neutralize the acidity. Just make sure to avoid salted soda crackers as they are a big no-no for teeth (they have been said to be worse than sweets in causing cavities). Opt for hearty oat cakes and snack away to your heart’s content! Don't forget to take a selfie with your impression tray in or with your sparkly new aligners! 

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Oranges and their Zesty Goodness

We know, we know, we just said that citrus is bad for your teeth BUT oranges are full of the lovely Vitamin C. C is a BOSS and strengthens our blood vessels and connective tissue while reducing inflammation, which in turn will reduce the chance of gum disease!

Try to avoid brushing your teeth straight after eating oranges, it's better to drink sparkling water as it is full of pH and minerals! Give at least a half hour to allow the Vitamin C to soak into those gummy-gum-gums!

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Fruit & Veggies - Eat those Greens!

Woke up late and running out the door? Fruit and veg with high-fibre are the next best thing to a toothbrush! The fantastic fibre scrubs the teeth, closely mirroring the action of a toothbrush, and also causes high saliva production because of all that chew-chew-chewing! Saliva is good for warding off harmful acids from tooth enamel.

Scrubbing means less plaque, which can do the job until you are in reach of your toothbrush and toothpaste! The crunchy fruit and vegetables provide a high-water content which, cancels out their sugar content. If we dare say it - an apple a day keeps the dentist away! ;)

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Green Tea & Black Tea Party!

Polyphenols are our friends, they are found in both green and black tea. These little guys kill any bacteria that cause plaque! Bacteria love sugar and will leave acid behind, which can destroy our tooth enamel! Tea is ideal to have with meals or after as it catches those bad acids before they grow. Polyphenols in tea also kick cavities in the butt! Keep in mind that tannins in black tea stain your teeth, whereas green tea does not - double the awesomeness!

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Xylitol. . . is not an Alien Planet.

What in the heck is Xylitol?! It is in fact a sweetener! It wards off bacteria, which in turn prevents tooth decay which is a-okay with us! It’s found in many brands of chewing gum. When you you chew gum it increases saliva production which fights and protects our mouths from bad breath and tooth decay, a beneficial double whammy which means keep on chew-chew-chewin’ away :) Just make sure to take your aligners out when you reach for the gum! 

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