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5 Questions every bride (or groom!) asks before their wedding day.

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An enormous amount of planning goes into your wedding. It’s your perfect day and it’s all about you and your favourite person. So, naturally you want to look your best! Here are 5 major beauty questions every bride (and a lot of grooms too!) tend to ask in the lead up to the big day.

1. Can I get the perfect smile? 

Everyone has a camera in their pocket nowadays; it’s the blessing and the curse of smartphones. And when it comes to your wedding, you know without a doubt that all of those cameras will be pointed in your direction. Not to mention the professional photographer (or multiple photographers as seems to be the trend these days!). If you’re like many of us who are not fully happy with their smile but never took the plunge and got braces as a teen then Your Smile Direct could be your savior. We provide invisible braces that straighten your teeth in an average of only 20 weeks - and this can be done all in the comfort of your own home! That gives you loads of time before the big day to get that Hollywood smile! Plus, we also provide teeth whitening once your treatment is completed. So your smile will really sparkle and shiiiiine! Our locations could be near you also!

2. How do I keep my skin crystal clear?

Now, worrying about the odd blemish might seem like something you can do in the days before your wedding. However, looking after your skin is good for your overall health and should be something we’re all conscious of in general life. The key ingredient for radiant skin - water! It helps prevent breakouts and keeps skin hydrated and plump. As an added bonus, it’s good for your teeth (it’s your best friend when you undergo our invisible braces treatment!).

The main reason we get breakouts is due to stress. If you’re like me and you get anxious about organisation then definitely plan everything for your big day waaay in advance and do some meditation to keep that stress away! Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet is also super beneficial for your skin. The final step - you need to get enough sleep. A good 6-8 hours in a regular sleep pattern will allow you to look fresh on your big day and will keep the Breakout Brigade at bay!

3. How do I tame my mane? 

We have good hair days and sometimes we have very, very bad hair days. It happens, but it’s definitely not something you want to happen on your wedding day. So, how do you get your hair to look like the perfect, sleek mane you desire? The secret to great hair is often found in what you eat. Protein is essential for strong, glossy hair, so meat, fish and eggs are a really great place to start (depending on your dietary requirement and desires!). Taking additional minerals or vitamins can be really beneficial in the run up to your wedding. One of the most commonly known vitamins to promote strong hair is biotin, a B-complex vitamin that is sometimes referred to as Vitamin H.

Now for the styling part. When it comes to your wedding day hairstyle, it’s arguably better to go for a style which is your best you rather than an unfamiliar you. Extravagance doesn’t always lead to feeling relaxed. This is your big day, you want to feel comfortable and confident, so make sure you plan out your style well in advance and do several trial runs!

4. Make me a Gym-Guru!

So you don’t need to lose weight, because let’s face it, you’re perfect. But you want to lose a pound or two because this is a big ol’ day to remember and that’s okay. The best way to do this isn’t to simply cut out a bunch of calories and follow every fad cleanse you see on Instagram. What you need to do is make smaller, less dramatic changes that are easier to sustain in the long run. Add more fruit and vegetables to your meals, try eating less meat, drink more water. These are simple, easy changes that shouldn’t add additional stress to your plate (please pardon the pun!).

When it comes to exercise, it sometimes takes a while to find a regime that suits you. You might be a gym bunny, you may prefer to walk or run by yourself, or you might enjoy a class environment like yoga or pilates. Either way, there’s something out there for all of us so don’t worry if you struggle to begin with. Being hard on yourself or pushing too hard won’t benefit you. Be kind to yourself and your body and you’ll look and feel great!

5. How do I have a Fairytale day?

The most important thing to remember? Relax as much as possible. This is meant to be the best day of your life, right? Take it in; remember as much as you possibly can. From how your future spouse looked the moment you saw them, to the smile on your best friend’s face, to the sheer joy at spending the rest of your life with this person who is just as excited as you are. Life happens; sometimes things go wrong. It’s almost impossible to completely plan the perfect day. So enjoy it while it’s happening and if minor things go wrong, so be it. It’s still going to be YOUR perfect day! Don't forget to SMILE and be HAPPY!

One of the many millions of reasons that our treatment is ideal for the Bride and Groom to-be is that the price will not be too big of a dent in the infamous Wedding Budget! 

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