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Ultimate Smiler Guide to Feeling More Confident

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Confidence is tricky. Sometimes we can feel super confident and then sometimes we feel painfully shy. Don’t worry; it’s something most of us deal with. There are tips and tricks we all pick up along the way so here is our Ultimate Smiler Guide to feeling more confident and in turn giving you a perfect reason to smile more!

As Demi sings "Whats wrong with being confident?"- Nothing Demi, nothing!

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1. Fake It Til You Make It

Just because you don’t feel overly confident doesn’t mean you can’t project confidence. There are few easier ways to appear confident than by simply putting a smile on your face. A big ol’ friendly smile shows you’re relaxed and comfortable, which means you’ll come across as confident and secure. By putting a smile on your face you actually make yourself genuinely smile, as you stimulate the same area of the brain that’s active when you’re smiling naturally. You are essentially commanding your brain to start feeling more positive emotions. Smiling really can have a big impact.

2. Smiling is Contagious

Ever notice how when you smile people usually smile back? One cause for this reaction are itty-bitty things called mirror neurons. These are neurons in the brain that pickup and mimic the body language and facial expressions of those around us. So when you smile, you can activate a person’s mirror neurons and get them smiling too. The result of this is that the person will feel more positive around you. They’ll be more welcoming should you decide to walk up and say hi. Smiling can help you overcome shyness, it can brighten someone’s day and it can help you feel more confident. Not to brag but our Smilers are always talking about how our treatment has really boosted their confidence!

3. Eye Contact

Look into my eyes! It’s not just the start of a classic Bryan Adams song; it’s the start of really confident smiling. Eye contact is the single most important body language indicator in Western societies (different cultures have different norms for eye contact). Research reveals that patterns in the iris send signals which indicate whether we’re friendly or unfriendly or trusting. The best way to make eye contact is to be natural and direct. Natural means looking at a person without staring.

4. Body Language

Confidence can really be seen in how you hold yourself. Good posture can have the direct effect of helping feel more confident. When standing, walking or sitting up, we occupy more space while taking in deeper breaths, which in turn help us feel stronger and more solid. If you need to feel confident before walking into room, let’s say for an important meeting, take a moment to stand with your hands on your hips with your legs a little ways apart. Yes, you might look a bit like Peter Pan or Superman but this power stance can actually help with your confidence levels. Pilates and Yoga are also ideal activities to improve your posture!

5. Dressing to Impress

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but we’d all be lying if we said we never did it. Our personal appearance contributes greatly to how we’re perceived and judged during face to face encounters. Research also indicates that our confidence can be influenced by the way we dress. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a Versace wardrobe. You don’t need expensive clothes or brands to make yourself look and feel confident. You simply need to know what suits you and what you feel comfortable it. The more comfortable you are, the more confident you’ll feel. And don't forget that a smile is the best accessory to finish any outfit!

These tips really can help change your attitude and increase your confidence, which is what really drives us here at Your Smile Direct! We love to see people smile and feeling confident, that's why we love our invisible braces!They are simple to pop in and out, nobody notices them and they don't break the bank like other teeth straightening methods!

We are sorry not sorry metal braces, but you do not help anyone in the confidence department!


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