My journey with Your Smile Direct invisible braces.

In April 2018 I started my Your Smile Direct journey. My bottom teeth had become over crowded since my wisdom teeth came through, and this was the main thing I was looking to correct. I hated how they looked and also how they felt!

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How to survive the festive season with invisible aligners.

Christmas is known as one of the most indulgent times of the year, generally because the occasion is marked with family & friends and what do we do best at festive parties? Eat and drink like the King & Queens that we are; but right now you may be thinking: why me? Why am I undergoing invisible aligner treatment during the fattest and happiest time of the year? Your Smile Direct has brought together a list of tips to assist you through this festive season.

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6 Ways to Attract Your Mr. or Mrs. Right

On the lookout for that special someone? Sometimes it's hard to attract the right type of people into your life. Although you may think that it's difficult to meet your Mr./Mrs. Right, you can always prepare yourself, keep an open mind and dare we say it - an open heart. *cringe* But we have to admit - love does make life that little bit easier.

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5 Selfie Tips & Tricks

The art of the selfie has become part of our lives unconsciously. Fun fact; the below countries take the most selfies in European countries.

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Student Smiler Survival Guide: Top Tips to reach the best beam for your Graduation photo! 

FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF THE UK! You deserve to be treated like the Kings and Queens you truely are, you have had your heads in the books, been living off buttons and hunting the clubs for the 2-for-1 terrible (but cheap) cocktails. It is about time you got something back for all the blood and sacrifice! 

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