Burning The Midnight Oil? Six Tips To Help You Recover!

Studying or working all night? Partying until morning? You'd be lying if you said you hadn't experienced one of these situations before. After experiencing one of these you'll find that you look AND feel tired the following day. Here are some tips to help you to recover:

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5 Questions every bride (or groom!) asks before their wedding day.

An enormous amount of planning goes into your wedding. It’s your perfect day and it’s all about you and your favourite person. So, naturally you want to look your best! Here are 5 major beauty questions every bride (and a lot of grooms too!) tend to ask in the lead up to the big day.

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Why some people aren’t smiling confidently.

New research indicates that a good way to make a new friend is to SMILE. So it is really important to smile confidently, but how can we do that if we don’t feel confident about how our teeth look? I personally like to be surrounded by smiley people. As the Chinese proverb goes; “never slap the smiler”, which means Smilers are too adorable to slap. (Just keep smiling as you don’t wanna be slapped, right?)

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What foods are good for teeth?

Our mouth and teeth go through a lot in one day; eating, brushing, chewing on pens - even being used for opening things! Let’s face it, out of all these activities the best thing is, of course, EATING FOOD! So we have compiled a list of what foods are good for your teeth, so that we can encourage this awesome trait of humanity in the healthiest way possible! Of course while eating all of these yummy foods, you should have your invisible braces taken out! Take a look at our FAQs or our Q&A blog for any other queries on our invisible braces!

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You asked, we answered - What to expect with Your Smile Directs invisible braces treatment!

 So we had you guys asking us a string of questions and we have gladly answered them below! First of all the basics - where we are located and DOES IT WORK(yes it does!) -have a gander at our results!

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