Real Smiler Story: Anne-France

1. Have you finished your treatment or are you still going through it?

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10 Ways To Make Your Day That Little Bit Brighter

Here at Your Smile Direct, we are all about the little things in life. The smallest things can have a huge impact on your mood for the day, they can be taken for granted which leaves them underrated and gives an ungrateful attitude.

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The Social Six - Do I need both rows of teeth straightened?

What are the Social Six you ask? No it is not cheesy a boy-band, it is actually the most prominent and visible teeth on the top and lower arches of your teeth - so technically its the Social Twelve. . . but that doesn't sound as slick.

This is the treatment that Your Smile Direct specializes in with invisible braces otherwise known as invisible aligners!

These products can be mistaken for retainers at times but the name "aligner" gives us a clue, they align the teeth and move them into the desired position whereas retainers are used to retain the new position of your smile!

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Your checklist before beginning Your Smile Direct treatment.

Here at Your Smile Direct, we pride ourselves in providing a hassle-free, affordable and quick treatment using invisible braces! Although our service is pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves), we are strictly a cosmetic dental service . We focus on straightening the "six social teeth" AKA the front six teeth of both top and bottom arches. But during the scan and the impression kit process, we do capture and study the whole set of teeth within your mouth as it will provide our dental superstars with the information they need to check your eligibility to begin our treatment!

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5 Ways to prevent bad breath with invisible braces.

During your treatment, each invisible aligner is only in for an average of two weeks. But don’t be fooled, this provides enough time for bacteria and plaque to grow on them if you don’t take proper care of them! If you avoid caring for your aligners it can cause bad breath, discolouring of the clear BPA-free material and even problems with your overall oral health.


But, as always, we are here for you dear Smilers. Here are 5 ways to prevent bad breath from your invisible braces! Our braces may be more affordable than other brands but you still get your money's worth, so follow these steps to prevent bad breath but also to help reach your optimum oral health! Nobody wants bad breath, and if they say they don't mind having bad breath, they have to be lying or need to sort out their priorities! Not only for social matters but also for your own health!


NEVER EVER eat or drink with your invisible braces in! 

You can of course drink water with them, but please; for all that is sacred, avoid sugary drinks and hot beverages! Hot drinks can warp the plastic of the aligners and sugary drinks are bacteria’s favourite feeding ground! These bad boy bacteria eat the carbs all up and then leave behind acids and enzymes that weaken our teeth’s enamel and proteins. Dark coloured drinks like wine or coffee can also discolour the aligners, so avoid them at all costs while you are your lovely invisible brace-face self!


Always brush and floss after eating.

When you put your aligners back in after eating WITHOUT brushing, you can trap the food and bacteria that are still in your mouth from eating, leaving them to a gross party in your mouth. This will firstly cause bad breath, which can in turn develop into oral health issue. The plus side of straightening your teeth is that flossing will become so much easier (as crooked teeth can be a nightmare to get bacteria and food out of), which in turn means no more funky breath!


Keep your invisible braces clean! 

Whenever you remove your braces, please remember to rinse them to remove any dried saliva and plaque. They are prime causes for smelly scenarios! Simply pop into the nearest public toilet when out and about, rinse them under some cold water. If you want to be REALLY prepared, purchase a travel bottle of mouthwash!  You can let your aligners soak in this liquid while eating your lunch or having your coffee.


NEVER brush your aligners with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Because most toothpastes are quite abrasive, it can cause scratches and tiny holes to form on the plastic of the aligners. This is a big no-no as it is a breeding haven for bacteria which in turn can yet again cause bad breath. You can use a soft toothbrush to clean your aligners, simples! (Cue meerkat noise)


Avoid smoking with aligners in (or quit altogether!) 

This could be a blessing in disguise for any “smoker-joker.” See it as a fresh start for your overall oral health and your body! When you are constantly putting your aligners in and out of your mouth for your cigarette, you will hopefully come to see it more as a chore than a pleasure! Plus, the chemicals in a cigarette can cause major discoloring to your braces (very much the same as they do to your teeth!) and the aligners can retain some of the smell, which is not cute.


Your Smile Direct have a mission and that is to help you reach your #SmileGoals - because when you smile, we smile! Follow these tips to keep the Big Bad Breath Wolf from the door (mouth!). If you have not started your Smile Journey with us, you should consider taking our test below to see if you suit our treatment! The straighter the teeth, the fresher the breath!


Keep the bad breath at bay

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Why some people aren’t smiling confidently.

New research indicates that a good way to make a new friend is to SMILE. So it is really important to smile confidently, but how can we do that if we don’t feel confident about how our teeth look? I personally like to be surrounded by smiley people. As the Chinese proverb goes; “never slap the smiler”, which means Smilers are too adorable to slap. (Just keep smiling as you don’t wanna be slapped, right?)

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What foods are good for teeth?

Our mouth and teeth go through a lot in one day; eating, brushing, chewing on pens - even being used for opening things! Let’s face it, out of all these activities the best thing is, of course, EATING FOOD! So we have compiled a list of what foods are good for your teeth, so that we can encourage this awesome trait of humanity in the healthiest way possible! Of course while eating all of these yummy foods, you should have your invisible braces taken out! Take a look at our FAQs or our Q&A blog for any other queries on our invisible braces!

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You asked, we answered - What to expect with Your Smile Directs invisible braces treatment!

 So we had you guys asking us a string of questions and we have gladly answered them below! First of all the basics - where we are located and DOES IT WORK(yes it does!) -have a gander at our results!

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