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Top 5 Myths about Invisible Aligners

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So many people still mistrust and believe myths about invisible aligners, so we are here to help debunk these myths and give the people the truth! Here at YourSmileDirect, we like to follow the Honesty Policy because then you can enjoy our aligners more, smile more and attract more good karma into your life!

1. It’s more expensive than traditional fixed braces.

People often think that invisible aligners will break the bank - costing the same or more than fixed braces. This is a downright lie! The fact is that invisible aligners are a cheaper alternative as you do not need to visit the dentist as often - no need to constantly fiddle with any train tracks here! The main cost is the manufacturing of the invisible aligners. With YourSmileDirect you need to make only one visit - or none at all with our Home Smile Kit . Students, you can save even more by choosing YSD aligners! - (UK Students Only)

2.It takes longer to straighten your teeth

Interestingly enough, it can take only 4-6 months to straighten your teeth with invisible aligners! It can sometimes take longer as each of us are our own person and so are our teeth! But this is a good rough guide! Once we have the scan or impressions, our dentists use their magical teledentistry ways to form a digital representation of how your teeth will move on their Smile Journey, and exactly how long this will take.

3.Braces are just for teenagers

This is quite the the opposite for YSD; invisible aligners are just for adults in the land of YSD. In fact it’s COOL to get these bad boys and not the stereotypical nerd-alert that comes with fixed braces (it’s basically for the adults who woulda’,coulda’ shoulda’ with traditional braces when younger!). It suits people over 18 years old or more because of their office-chic work life and “hip” social scenes!

4.Invisible aligners stain easily!

You will be changing each set of aligners every two to three weeks, so they won't have much time to stain! In fact, these little plastic miracles make it easier to brush and clean your teeth. Imagine having fixed braces with all the food and drink caught in them, whereas you can remove your aligners for eating and drinking hot bevvys! All you have to do is brush your teeth and rinse your aligners after each time you eat (one plus is that you shall snack less and stick to the generally recommended diet of three meals a day! Bikini Beach Goddess in no time! WOOHOO!). It is also advised not to smoke with the aligners in so maybe this is finally your time to give up that not-so-healthy habit!

5. It gives you a lisp!

This one is actually a semi-truth! For the first few days of wearing your invisible aligners you will have a lisp but it eventually fades away when your mouth and teeth adjust to this strange new object all up in their space. Think of the aligners as trying to break in a pair of new shoes, your feet get used to them after a while!

Have a look at our Smiler Phoebe Slee talk with her invsible aligners in!



We hope that we have cleared up any myths that have been hanging around the rumour mill, and if you need anymore info please do have a gander on our website for F.A.Qs, download our Grin Guide or even drop us a mail!


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