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Tips on Taking the Perfect Selfie!

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Taking the Perfect Selfie

Don’t be afraid to say it, looking good in a photograph is something we can all have trouble with. When we see someone getting their camera ready, we can freeze up and worry about how we look. Common issues with a lousy photo include a forced-looking smile, an unkind angle or even a smile you’re not happy with.

Worry no more. These tips will ensure you’ll look fabulous in your next photo shoot!


Act Natural

Some people find that giving a natural smile is simple when they’re in a photo. On the other hand, people with an unnatural smile can showcase any flaws with their teeth, leading to a photo that isn’t exactly fantastic. Forced smiles are exactly that, forced; over-stretched mouths and an in-genuine look won’t help. To achieve that proper smile, think of something that makes you happy, or imagine that the photographer is a good friend of yours; you’ll be giving natural smiles with ease!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting can be your greatest friend - and your greatest enemy. With poor lighting, your smile can look more yellow and dark, making it less appealing. If you’re taking a photo with a phone, make sure to use natural lighting. The sunlight will help your teeth look whiter and straighter by reducing shadows. If you’re getting a professional photo done, ask the photographer to use soft diffused lighting, this will cast a whiter light onto your teeth, and will overall improve the look of your smile.


Look After Your Lips

Teeth aren’t the only problem, lips can be improved as well. Cracked and dry lips can show up in photos and they will not compliment your smile. Staying hydrated and carrying around a handy tube of chap stick will keep your lips looking fuller and moisturised. 


Find that Perfect Angle

Angles can make or break your photo. We all have that “good side” of our face that seems more symmetrical than the other. If you feel like one side of your face has a better look when you smile, try to angle that towards the camera. A good angle in a selfie is essential; try to keep your phone slightly above you tilting down, it will look much better than one taken from below your head. 


Treat Your Teeth!

At the end of the day, clean, healthy and straight teeth are key when it comes to achieving that perfect smile. If you’re unhappy with how your smile looks, you should consider using clear aligners! One advantage clear aligners have over antiquated ‘train tracks’ is that they’re extremely hard to notice while you are wearing them, meaning you can continue smiling confidently in your daily life. You can achieve straight teeth in an average of 20 weeks!


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