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The Social Six - Do I need both rows of teeth straightened?

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What are the Social Six you ask? No it is not cheesy a boy-band, it is actually the most prominent and visible teeth on the top and lower arches of your teeth - so technically its the Social Twelve. . . but that doesn't sound as slick.

This is the treatment that Your Smile Direct specializes in with invisible braces otherwise known as invisible aligners!

These products can be mistaken for retainers at times but the name "aligner" gives us a clue, they align the teeth and move them into the desired position whereas retainers are used to retain the new position of your smile!

social-six-invisible-bracesGenerally speaking, our treatment can be used by most clients but keep in mind that our dentists recommend that you visit your general dentist at least six months before beginning treatment with Your Smile Direct.

Go on and treat yourself to a clean and polish but your dentist will be able to fix any outstanding treatments like fillings, crowns, teeth pulling or gum disease.

Your Smile Direct specializes in minor to moderate corrections including spacing, crowding and rotation of teeth. Please keep in mind if you have a bonded retainer on the back of your teeth on both arches you are unfortunately not suitable for treatment - we still love you and wish you luck on your Smile Journey!

Do you take in to account both arches in the Social Six scenario?

Here at Your Smile Direct we take a impression and scan of the whole set of teeth on both arches. This allows our dentist to measure the placement of the teeth, how both arches sit - if they are in contact or not and also allows our dentists to measure how the movement will sit once treatment is finished.

*Arch = the top or bottom row of teeth

If you had braces before - a common occurrence is that the top arch have moved out of place which means you would most probably suitable for our one arch treatment as the bottom arch usually has a metal bracket behind the teeth.

Your top arch and bottom arch do not meet - so if your top set and bottom set do not touch at all, you also can be a candidate for the one arch treatment.

When your two sets are in contact or you have an under-bite or an overbite.

You would be advised to perform our invisible braces treatment on both arches in this scenario as the two sets are somewhat in contact which means the movement of each arch will effect the other. This in turn means that both arches need to moved at the same time.

These are only guidelines you should abide by, they are not the gospel-dental-truth so the sure-fire way to determine if you are a candidate for either the one arch or two arch treatment is to complete our FREE 30-second assessment then proceed to buy the Home Smile Kit OR book a Smile Clinic scan.

But don't worry about pricing or being deemed completely unsuitable as our kits and scans are fully refundable when the results show you are unsuitable. (Which we pray you aren't as our treatment is super fast, super awesome, super cheap and super easy!)

guide-for-smile-photosStep-by-step photos to send to our Smile Care team! 

Benefits of the Your Smile Direct Social Six treatment!

You'll be a comfortable brace-face

Our invisible braces are removable which means you can eat your meals in peace, no need to eat soft foods or avoiding delicious apples here! :) You can remove them for easy access for brushing and flossing. They are also invisible which means you can feel comfortable knowing that others might not even notice you have them in!

The only time our braces would be uncomfortable would be when you put your first aligner in and when you change to the next set as your teeth and mouth have to adjust and prepare for the magical re-positioning - AKA you will be one step closer to having a smile as good as Margot Robbie! ;)

The awesome BPA-free quality!

What is BPA you ask? Its exactly what it sounds like(something nerdy and scientific) - it is a chemical that used to be widely used as a strengthener for plastics which in turn would be transferred to food from plastic containers or bottles. We are proud to say our invisible aligners are completely free of BPA - seeing that our product will be in your mouth for a long period of time, its would be harmful to both you and our environment if the BPA was still present!

We are turbo-teethy fast!

So our Social Six treatment generally takes 20 weeks to complete, depending on your own individual set of pearly whites of course! You wear each aligner of the kit for approximately 2-3 weeks until you move to the next set.

Amazing price - whats the catch?

So a general consensus that has formed is when you are not paying a mortgage and a half for your dental care, that you are gambling with one of your most prized possessions - YOUR TEETH.

A way of getting you off the fence is to ensure you that our Smile Care team -brimful with registered dentists and smile specialists - are with you every step of the way,via online and the phone. What we cut out is the constant and expensive dental visits - less time and money wasted. But our dentists are still with you a 100%!

We capture every tooth through our magical tele-dentistry technology

To round it off, we are based off the cosmetic and dental treatment; the Social Six. It allows us to treat your minor to moderate perceived imperfections and deliver our magical invisible goodies directly to your door.

We collect information of every single tooth present within your mouth as it is essential to create your 3D Treatment Plan with this data imagery - a plan that shows both dentist and patient how exactly your teeth will move and what contact will occur with the two rows of teeth in mind.

treatment plan

Start your social six Journey

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