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Student Smiler Survival Guide: Top Tips to reach the best beam for your Graduation photo! 

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FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF THE UK! You deserve to be treated like the Kings and Queens you truely are, you have had your heads in the books, been living off buttons and hunting the clubs for the 2-for-1 terrible (but cheap) cocktails. It is about time you got something back for all the blood and sacrifice! 

YourSmileDirect has teamed up with Student Beans with the quest to save all our damsels and damoiseau's in distress and make them SMILE with confidence like the royals that they are - all for a very reasonable price! 

We know that students are not exactly made of money so that is why YSD is perfect for your lifestyle - it's affordable, easy and not time consuming! We offer affordable invisible braces that won't cramp yo' style - no train tracks here. We have decided to bring together a list that will be your Student Smiler Survival Guide that will help you cut costs and keep you smiling through those exams:

1. Cut down on buying your takeaway coffe or tea, instead buy yourself a nice tub of instant coffee or green tea leaves! Invest in a travel mug and you will be rolling in the dollars and saving the environment all at once!


2. Prep,prep,prep,prep. . .prep. PREP! Meal preparation is the key to happiness - it allows you to save money on buying lunches, but also allows you to pick and choose what you eat which can equal losing some pounds and basically becoming an Insta-famous health guru. 

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3. When visiting the parentals, sneak some basics from the cupboards like rice, pasta, bread  (basically just do your weekly-shop here) or maybe be a good citizen / offspring and just sneak the staples. 

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4. Whilst visiting the dear family, why not have a fun excursion in to the sitting room and lift those couch cushions and hunt for loose coins, be aware that that you may find chocolate wrappers, batteries and lint in your travels.

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5. Invest in a 16-25 Railcard / Student Oyster card. This means you can top up your cards with a set amount each week/month and keep on top of your good aul student budget! 

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6. Finally clear out that overflowing wardrobe of yours, haul out any of the glad-rags that you truly do not love anymore and consider selling anything in good-nick on resale sites like Depop to make some money OR have a clothes-swap party with your Besto’s, a win-win situation in changing up your wardrobe with no extra cost or even profit!

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7. Consider trying the vegetarian / vegan lifestyle while completing your final-college year! It saves on pennies and hours as you spend less on meat and milk that expires fast, but vegan meals also last longer with non-perishable ingredients! Plus no animals are harmed in the making!

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8. Walk or cycle to college (if you are within a reasonable distance and the Beast from the East isn't outside) You will get a small session of exercise in(basically become a gym bunny)but will cut down on using your bus fare or travel card credit!

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9. Start an installment plan with YourSmileDirect! You can pay off your treatment plan with a deposit and 6 month installment plan! Which helps our dear students avail of a teeth straightening procedure without having to stretch the purse-strings too far!

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10. Use the Discount Code from Student Beans that unlocks an exclusive 50% off your Home Smile Kit or Smile Clinic Scan! These bad boys are priced at €99 / £99 but can be yours for HALF PRICE. Now if that isn’t YSD and Student Beans saving you from your pauper student lifestyles then I don’t know what is! 

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If you abide by this Student Smiler Survival Guide [CLICK HERE TO GET DISCOUNT CODE], you shall apparently become a fit, healthy, animal loving, time-saving, rich eco-freak with straight teeth! ;) That is for sure something to smile about on your Graduation Day! Our treatment usually lasts 4-6 months but can be longer due to individuality of dem teeth growin'!


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