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Sam Nounette: Our French Take Over!

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Evolution Your Smile Direct

Hello girls, I hope you are well and that you have a good Sunday! Today I return to a subject that many of you are waiting for: My YourSmileDirect evolution! This will follow on from my previous blog post, but go into more detail on particular information you have asked for.

About three months ago I put in my first aligners, so three months ago I told you everything about " My treatment plan Your Smile Direct "! After 10 weeks of treatment and five different aligners, I am now halfway through my treatment. I am now in a better position to answer all of the questions I have had since the beginning and, most importantly, to show you my evolution.

A quick reminder of the important points regarding my treatment: I started wearing my first aligners on December 26, 2017. I am currently at my 5th aligner out of 10 in total. I wear each aligner for two weeks for a treatment duration of five months.

I will try to answer to the best of my ability all the questions which have been put to me, giving you my most honest opinion. Also note that many comments and testimonials were shared on previous articles " Your Smile Direct " and " Your Smile Direct Treatment Plan ".


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Smile Direct: Chapter 2

Is Your Smile Direct a legitimate site?
In view of my personal experience, I can only respond positively. From the beginning I have been in contact with the same person who was able to answer in the smallest details all the questions that I had. I have had many phone conversations with him and we are in regular contact by email on the progress of my treatment.

How much does it cost ?
It costs €1499 for the complete treatment (with two payment solutions). You will pay €99 to do a Home Smile Kit or Scan to determine if you are eligible for the treatment, this is refundable if you are found not to be suitable. Find all this information directly on their price page!

How to obtain Dental Imprints?
The, 2 solutions are available to you ...
At home: you order your Home Smile Kit and send it back to them once your impressions are done. This is the option I chose, but a word of warning, give yourself enough time to do it (if they are poorly done the dentist wont be able to read it). Here is their Home Smile Guide. This option takes a little bit longer when you factor in postage etc., but is a great alternative if you are not near one of their Smile Clinics.  If you do make a mistake with the first set of impressions, they give you a second set for FREE!
In YSD Smile Clinic: this option is much more convenient if your nearest city has one. Your scan is done for you by a licensed dentist. Your treatment plan is then sent to you in ten days. You can book one here!

Does it hurt ?
Again I will be honest with you ... it is not completely painless! With each change of aligner there is pain, (bearable anyway), which lasts only between two and three days. But the rest of the time I feel absolutely nothing.

What are the constraints?
As I explained in the previous article, there are some constraints to consider. It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink (everything except water) with the aligners. You have to brush your teeth after each of these actions and you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day. So basically you have two hours left in the day to do all this. To be honest, I never wear them for 22 hours a day, just because I already need 1 hour to drink my coffee in the morning (lol). In return I wear them for one day more (this is NOT recommended by YourSmileDirect, they only recommend wearing them for the full 22 hours a day).

Is it embarrassing to wear aligners everyday?
To explain how it feels when you first wear them, it's as if you are wearing a mouth guard (but much finer of course) constantly (and yes, I've already worn a mouth guard lol). At first, you will lisp a little until you get used to speaking correctly. This lasted about five days for me. When you first get your aligners Your Smile Direct have a guide to help. 

How much did my treatment cost me?
As I explained in the first article, and to remain honest with you, I was contacted by the brand YourSmileDirect to try out and then give you my opinion on their orthodontic method. For my part I received my treatment for free, but it does not prevent me from giving my honest opinion, good and bad, on the treatment.

Evolution : Before / After
Each photo collage is read from top to bottom, the top photo is always older than the bottom one.

Evolution Your Smile DirectExcuse the poor quality photo but this Snapchat filter is perfect. What better way than a big zoom to see the difference!

First picture: 3rd aligner | Second picture: 5th aligner

Your Smile Direct aligner number 5/10Another poor photo, but snapchat is where I regularly put pictures of my smile.

Moreover, if you want to follow the evolution more regularly my username is (sam_nounette)

Dental gutters or alignersOn this montage you can clearly see my teeth advancing over the weeks.

From top to bottom: Without aligner, 1st day | 3rd aligner | 4th aligner | 5th aligner

Gutters Your Smile DirectThe difference is clearly visible in this photo.

From top to bottom: 4th aligner | 5th aligner

Half of treatment with Your Smile DirectHere is a photo without aligner to see the difference between the two.

From top to bottom: Day 1 | 10th week

Change your smile thanks to the dental alignersAnd finally here is a profile picture.

From top to bottom: 1st aligner | 5th aligner

This photo is to show you what aligners look like. They fit perfectly to your teeth.

I hope I have answered all the questions you could ask about YourSmileDirect. Know that I try as best I can to take the same positions on the photos, so that you really see the change. I am more than satisfied with the first results and look forward to showing you the final chapter of this quest for a new smile!




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