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Real Smiler Story: Anne-France

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1. Have you finished your treatment or are you still going through it?

I’m going to finish in two weeks - I can't wait!

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2. Did you do the impressions of your teeth at home, or did you visit one of our clinics?

I simply visited a Smile Clinic to get my dental scan done. 

3. How did you find the process?

The process was fast. Not uncomfortable at all when you get the scan done!

4. Was there any pain whilst wearing the braces?

Yes, at the beginning of each aligner. But it goes away after a couple of days.

5. How important is a nice smile to you?

A smile is very important, since it is the key to success and good communication.

6. How did you come across Your Smile Direct?

I googled "invisible braces" and went through the various options.

7. Why did you choose Your Smile Direct?

I compared prices. It was too expensive in Dubai and I found YSD was the best option for giving your invisible aligners all at once. 

8. What differences have you noticed so far?

My smile improved tremendously. Before I started treatment I never used to smile.

9. Would you recommend Your Smile Direct to a friend?

Of course, sure I have already recommended it to friends!

10. Have you taken before and after photos, or even documented the whole progress?

Yes many. Have a look below!


 test your smile

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