We love when you guys track your Smile Journey, especially when you share it to the social media world as it's a sure-fire way of spreading the news and showing people how easy it is to Join the Smile Revolution!

We are all about delivering a quality, hassle-free dental service at a low cost! Here we have one of our lovely and unbelievably helpful Smilers, Holly!

Aligner Delivery!


"Delivery! 😁 eek! Let’s see what results we can achieve with these little gems 👏 "

Aligner 2:


"I've just woken up (you can see it in my eyes ) and had my first night with my step 2 aligners last night. Woke up for about half an hour in the night with discomfort, but that was it really!

I’ve found I get chapped lips each time I put a new aligner in, what’s the all about? Maybe it’s my mouth getting used to them.

Step 2 last night was a shock to the system when I first put them in 😳 but NO PAIN NO GAIN right?! I’m on an 18 week plan to get my teeth straight with @yoursmiledirect and have been given 9 clear aligners, which I change every 2 weeks. At the moment I’m absolutely loving them and I can’t wait to see my progress over the next few months!"                 

"Pretty happy with results from step 3/9 of my clear braces from @yoursmiledirect ! My top teeth are slowly coming closer to each other.!"

Aligner 3:                                                                                 

holly-faye-customer-review holly-faye-yoursmiledirect

Aligner 4:

I put step 4/9 of my YSD clear aligners in on Saturday night (after about 4 glasses of wine, 2 gin and tonics, 1 espresso martini and a jägerbomb - THAT'S DEDICATION). I think this step is the most visible to date, you can kind of see in this photo, the gap between my large front tooth and the aligner.

That’s purely because they don’t fit me properly yet, but after wearing them for the 2 weeks then my teeth would have moved enough to fit in snug!

The lovely Holly is such an amazing Smiler that we have linked her with a code so she can share the smiles with other potential Smilers! 

If you are interested too, you can get a half price scan or impressions kit by entering in HSHOLLYF50 at checkout! You can use this code when you are from any of these locations!





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