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Real Smile Story: Justine

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1.Have you already finished your treatment or are you still at it?

I finished it a month ago and I couldn't be happier!

2. Have you done the Home Smile Kit impressions of your teeth yourself or have you visited on of our Smile Clinics?

 I have done the impressions of my teeth on my own, found it very easy and I made the perfect impressions the first time around! I'm THAT amazing. 

test your smile3. How did you find your process?

I’ve found the process pretty easy, contact with the customer service super quick, any potential delays for the delivery were always communicated and even faster than expected.


4. Was there any pain whilst wearing the braces?

At the beginning (the first 3 - 4 days) the braces where hurting my gums even by polishing and cleaning the braces, but then I got used to it and it was fine.

Weirdly enough, at the end of the treatment I was feeling better with the braces on than without!


5. How important is a nice smile to you?

I always dream about having nice teeth, especially since all French children are wearing braces and practically no one in France has “bad teeth”.


6. How did you come across Your Smile Direct?

I was looking on the internet for a teeth straightening solution, YSD appeared in my google results.


7. Why did you choose Your Smile Direct?

I chose YSD because:

- braces at a traditional dentist cost around 5000€ in France for adults.

- they were the only company that was selling this kind of products to my country

- my phone calls with the team member Arthur really convinced me and he was extra helpful throughout my whole treatment


8. What differences have you noticed so far?

My teeth are almost perfect now !

My smile has completely transformed - its almost unrecognizable.


9. Would you recommend Your Smile Direct to a friend?

A 100% yes - I already “pushed” 2 friends of mine to do the treatment.


10. Have you made before and after photos or even photos of the whole progress?

Yes, take a look below:


                          before invisible braces

daphne 1


                         straight teeth
straight teeth after

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