I regret getting my metal braces. . .

Today I want to tell you something about my teeth. I have never felt comfortable smiling and even if many people told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed I have never been able to feel confident. When I was little I had two sets of braces, they were both on the back of my teeth so that they could not be seen and my dentist told me that these two braces would solve my problem, but that wasn’t the case. When I turned 18 my smile was still a big problem for me. For this reason, I decided to talk with the dentist in order to find a solution. He told me that the only thing I could do was to wear a traditional metal brace (which was obviously very visible) in order to straighten my teeth. Since I really wanted to solve my problem, I decided to accept his suggestion even though I was a bit scared about what I would look like with the metal brace. I’ve been wearing the brace for 6 weeks now and I can see the progress, but I have to say that when I became aware of Your Smile Direct I was sorry that I didn’t hear about them before getting the metal brace. 

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How to avoid yellow teeth - without whitening products!

No one is born with perfectly white teeth. In fact, the exact shade of our teeth is determined by our genetics, and some people’s teeth are naturally a little bit darker. Plus, as we age, the shade of our teeth becomes duller.

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The Social Six - Do I need both rows of teeth straightened?

What are the Social Six you ask? No it is not cheesy a boy-band, it is actually the most prominent and visible teeth on the top and lower arches of your teeth - so technically its the Social Twelve. . . but that doesn't sound as slick.

This is the treatment that Your Smile Direct specializes in with invisible braces otherwise known as invisible aligners!

These products can be mistaken for retainers at times but the name "aligner" gives us a clue, they align the teeth and move them into the desired position whereas retainers are used to retain the new position of your smile!

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Flossing's gone viral!

So flossing has gone viral on the internet, and no we do not mean that there are billions of kids flossing their teeth frantically! Its actually a dance move, so the debut appearance and creator of this dental dance was from an Insta-famous boy called The Backpack Kid aka Russel Horning. The 16 year-old American has even made it to Saturday Night Live, he is seen performing his fluid and flowing dance moves with a dead-pan expression, backpack and all.

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Real Smile Story with Holly

We love when you guys track your Smile Journey, especially when you share it to the social media world as it's a sure-fire way of spreading the news and showing people how easy it is to Join the Smile Revolution!

We are all about delivering a quality, hassle-free dental service at a low cost! Here we have one of our lovely and unbelievably helpful Smilers, Holly!

Aligner Delivery!

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Your checklist before beginning Your Smile Direct treatment.

Here at Your Smile Direct, we pride ourselves in providing a hassle-free, affordable and quick treatment using invisible braces! Although our service is pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves), we are strictly a cosmetic dental service . We focus on straightening the "six social teeth" AKA the front six teeth of both top and bottom arches. But during the scan and the impression kit process, we do capture and study the whole set of teeth within your mouth as it will provide our dental superstars with the information they need to check your eligibility to begin our treatment!

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Real Smile Story with Jenny.

Smilers, one of our hashtags is: When You Smile We Smile! That is why when we receive lovely reviews and posts from you, we love to shout and smile about it to everyone. We are not simply selling invisible braces to people, we are selling confidence. Which is by far the best gift to give in our eyes!

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5 Ways to prevent bad breath with invisible braces.

During your treatment, each invisible aligner is only in for an average of two weeks. But don’t be fooled, this provides enough time for bacteria and plaque to grow on them if you don’t take proper care of them! If you avoid caring for your aligners it can cause bad breath, discolouring of the clear BPA-free material and even problems with your overall oral health.

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5 Questions every bride (or groom!) asks before their wedding day.

An enormous amount of planning goes into your wedding. It’s your perfect day and it’s all about you and your favourite person. So, naturally you want to look your best! Here are 5 major beauty questions every bride (and a lot of grooms too!) tend to ask in the lead up to the big day.

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5 Selfie Tips & Tricks

The art of the selfie has become part of our lives unconsciously. Fun fact; the below countries take the most selfies in European countries.

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