16-Sep-2018 19:00:00

Our Back-to-School Sale Starts Now!

So because it is September and some of you may be returning to your education. Some may be delighted and ready to take on the new school year. While others may be dreading it and wishing there was just one more month or even DAY of summer.

Or maybe you're the parent, nanny, brother, sister etc. that has to get up at the crack of dawn (queue the Lion King opening song) to get the young whipper-snappers up and at 'em for their busy school day ahead. Whatever way you feel about it, you are most definitely going to feel a drop in energy levels as your body adjusts to its new body clock. This will be the best way to get back-to-school ready - treating yourself.

giphy-downsized-3So here at Your Smile Direct we have decided to give you all a pep in your step by offering a pretty awesome discount on Smile Clinic scans. Our scan generates a 3D tele-dentistry model in which you can view the estimation of how your teeth will move in the coming months. Our dentists and dental team assist you until you are happy with the estimated results of the 3D Scan.

Our Smile Clinic scans usually market at £99/€99 but we are providing a whopping discounted price of £10/€10. 

The beauty of our evaluation stage is that if you are found unsuitable you are due to receive the money spent on your scan back. Once your scan has been captured, the images will be sent on to our dentists who will evaluate your teeth. If you are found suitable you will receive the 3D Treatment plan of your teeth and in turn are deemed suitable for the Your Smile Direct invisible aligners. Our 3D Treatment Plan also informs you on how long your  invisible aligner treatment will take. Yes we are basically like dental fortune tellers.

This offer ends at the end of September - so get a clicking! 


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