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My journey with Your Smile Direct invisible braces.

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In April 2018 I started my Your Smile Direct journey. My bottom teeth had become over crowded since my wisdom teeth came through, and this was the main thing I was looking to correct. I hated how they looked and also how they felt!

After receiving my Home Smile Kit, I took moulds of my teeth following the clear instructions provided. You get two try's at this and luckily for me my first impressions were suitable! That meant things could get going and my treatment could start. A couple of weeks later I was sent through my Treatment Plan via email. You can see exactly how your teeth are going to look each time you change your aligners and also how they will look at the end of the treatment which was so amazing to see! As soon as this was approved, my aligners were made and I received them a few weeks later. 


I put my first set in just before bed as advised and took a couple of paracetamol to reduce any pain. This worked so well and I did the same each time I was on to a new set of aligners. I had 7 sets in total and was to wear them for 2 weeks at a time. I usually found after 2 days of wearing a new set you could see the difference! The weeks flew by and soon enough my 14 weeks were up.

I was mostly happy with my results, apart from one stubborn bottom tooth which hadn't quite gone in to line. I spoke to the Your Smile Direct team about this and they assured me that it could be fixed. The first option was to try going back a couple of sets of aligners and using Chewies multiple times a day to really set the aligners in to place. I did try this over about 4 weeks but the problem tooth was still a problem. Option 2 was to get new sets of refinement aligners. The service was just amazing; I ordered a new Home Smile Kit and started another plan for this one stubborn tooth! 

I received 3 more sets of aligners again to wear 2 weeks at a time. After the second set was in I could see such a huge improvement and that one tooth that wasn't in line, was surely enough moving in to place which was a relief. 

Now at the end of the treatment, I couldn't be more happy with the results. The whole process has been so easy, convenient and pain free. I would recommend it to anyone looking to have their teeth straightened!

by Emily Rose Harding.





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