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How to survive the festive season with invisible aligners.

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ginger finalChristmas is known as one of the most indulgent times of the year, generally because the occasion is marked with family & friends and what do we do best at festive parties? Eat and drink like the King & Queens that we are; but right now you may be thinking: why me? Why am I undergoing invisible aligner treatment during the fattest and happiest time of the year? Your Smile Direct has brought together a list of tips to assist you through this festive season.


Pack a Seasonal Smile Essentials bag:

It goes without saying to bring your aligner case with you in this essentials bag, a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash - all of these ideally travel-sized, floss, lip-balm and mints. This small but powerful "tooth" kit will assist you with keeping your aligners squeaky clean.

Wear your aligners for the prescribed 22-hours.

Yes, even during the festive fun you must stick to the tailored Treatment Plan provided by our dentists. Use those two free hours for eating and drinking - but of course, take your aligners out whenever you are going to indulge in a mince pie or a sip of mulled wine. Just remember to have your aligner case close by or even a glass of salted or white vinegar water to let your aligners soak in while you tuck in.

While wearing your aligners, only drink cold water.

Vinegar may be an ingredient found in wine but this does not mean it is okay to drink your glass of white or mulled wine with your aligners in. Reason One: The sugar found in wine could get caught under your aligners and cause a cavity. Reason Two: Mulled wine will most definitely stain your aligners. Stick to the clear and clean water. Plus the water will help with the unavoidable food-baby!

Brush and floss regularly throughout the day/night.

When you have had your fill of hot chocolate and Christmas pudding, make a trip to the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth. This will ensure that there are no leftover sugars hanging around and you know that your putting your aligners back into a fresh clean mouth.


It's the happiest time of the year and you are treating yourself to the gift of a confident smile - use it!

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