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How to straighten your teeth at home?

So you have received your Home Smile Kit - now what? We understand that this task may seem somewhat daunting but we have got you covered. These magical three will assist you in the creation of your dental impressions at home which will in turn lead to how you straighten your teeth. 

-Home Smile Guide

-Home Smile Kit Tutorial video

-Smile Checking Service. 

Home Smile Kit Tutorial Video




What you will need:

X4 Catalyst (White Putty)
X4 Base (Blue Putty)
X1 Nitrile gloves
X1 Disinfectant tablet
X4 Impression trays
X1 Ziplock bag
X1 Home Smile Guide
X1 Security sticker
X1 Disclaimer form
Phone: for timing
Towel: for drooling

 Trays don't fit?

Contact info@yoursmiledirect.com and we will send you new ones!

During Summer

Store your putty in a fridge for 30minutes before taking your dental impressions.

Before you Start:  

 Make sure you read your Home Smile Guide


Let's begin!


Ready? Go!


1. Mix 1 catalyst and 1 base (30 - 45 seconds)

Fold until it is uniform in colour.

Roll to form a cylinder (within 30 seconds)

2. Fill entire tray with putty (within 30 seconds)

3. Place tray in mouth

4. Move lip over tray

5. Push on tray from front to back

Capture teeth and gums

Hold tray in place

 *Don't wiggle or move tray  *Don't hold the handle

6. Hold tray in place for 5 minutes (gently hold the handle).

7. When finished, leave impressions to set for 10 minutes.


Smile Checking Service

1. Simply take your first set of top and bottom impressions.

2. Take a picture with your phone and send to smilecheck@yoursmiledirect.com

3. Don't forget to send your name and reference number found on your Disclaimer Form.

4. We will reply with feedback , tips and advice from our dental smile team. Bingo!


One more time!

Complete all four impressions. (2 upper & 2 lower).


Clean your impressions!

Add disinfectant tablet to water.

Wait for tablet to fully dissolve

Let soak in water for 3 minutes

Mail it back

Place all 4 completed impressions in bag provided

*Do not remove impressions from trays

Put impressions into the padded envelope

Seal the envelope and stick on return address label. (For postage instructions please refer to provided instructions leaflet.)


Check your impressions!

You can see more examples of impressions within your Home Smile Guide.

What makes a good impression


What makes a bad impression 



Don't forget to take your impression selfie and tag us!


Any questions? Send us an email at:


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