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Even More Savings That Will Make You Smile - Toothy Tax Breaks with the Med2 Form

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Did you know you can claim back 20% tax relief

on your YourSmileDirect aligner treatment?

That's even more savings on top of our guarantee that we're up to 70% cheaper than other teeth straightening options. So what's the secret? It's the Med 2 Form and you can download it here.
(Also, sorry gang, this is Ireland only)


Even though our treatment is so affordable, sometimes our invisible braces treatment can seem like a big investment all at once so who wouldn't want to help set back the cost a bit? It's the difference of nearly €400. That could go towards to anything! A weekend break, some new clothes or even blowing it all in an online sale.


Need to Know Info...

So that's all great but how does it work? Here are some key facts about making a claim.

  • You can claim for tax relief on your treatment, or someone else's if you've paid for it and it's at a standard of 20%.
  • You should be making it at the end of the tax year, usually December 31st, BUT don't worry - with a Med 2 form you can claim for treatments up to FOUR YEARS AGO. 

There's no real grey area here - your routine treatments aren't covered - no check ups, fillings or cleanings or the like - but the non-routine treatments - implants, veneers, crowns, root canal treatment - are all eligible, including our Aligner Treatment.

(Source: Addams Family Values, 1993)

How you'll feel once you get your tax back 


If you're looking for more information check out Revenue.ie or call us on 0330 808 0447


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