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How to make the most of your #SmileJourney

Your Smile Direct braces are the perfect way to correct your teeth if you are not entirely confident showing them to other people. No one will ever notice you are wearing our braces, because they are completely invisible. Using them is fairly simple and they are inexpensive. Your Smile Direct braces are actually very affordable for everybody. If you are still unsure, just think of the confidence you will gain with your new smile.

The best way to show off your #SmileGoal? Track and document your transformation so you can see in detail how the position of your teeth has changed over time. To ensure you have a high-quality and accurate collection of photos, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to best document how your smile improves.

Our average client wears about ten different sets of aligners during twenty weeks, which means you swap braces every two weeks. The changes from one set of braces to the next are very slight. The biggest improvement is obviously seen when comparing the start of your journey to the end. If you take a picture of your teeth every two weeks after changing braces, a nice transition can be seen without comparing one picture to the other and thinking they are identical. The following image shows the progress of Your Smile Direct braces over eight weeks quite nicely.


 You might also want to document:

  • your visit to one of our clinics
  • the impression tray in your mouth or posing with the finished impression
  • a photo with your invisible braces

Small steps make a huge difference. To get perfect pictures of your progress, so you can enjoy them long after, you should use a decent camera. If you own a proper digital one, use that. However, smartphone cameras can take high quality pictures as well nowadays, just make sure not to use the selfie camera on the front side. It’s best if you ask a good pal to take the photos using the better camera on the backside.

Furthermore, you want to make sure to use a well lit environment. There is nothing worse than having a good shot ruined by bad lighting. You can’t go wrong taking the pictures in sunlight, just ensure that there is a light source behind the camera lens. If the light source is coming from behind or beside you, it will cast shadows or it will even lens flare the camera. Ideally, you want your light looking natural and soft, so avoid any harsh light.The photographs shown above are absolutely superb in terms of quality and the perfect example of what you should aim for.

You should also frame your picture correctly. Don’t take a picture of just your mouth, because that isn't always the most flattering look! Instead, take a picture of at least half or even your entire face. That looks much more natural. Capturing the whole face can emphasise the importance of teeth and how they actually frame the face.

What would you say looks better, the picture on the left or the one on the right?

evolution-your-smile-direct-02-1 DWyo7HUXkAIF5K3


If you want, you can send your pictures and videos to us, so that we will be able to show them to others who haven’t yet enjoyed the benefits of wearing Your Smile Direct braces so they can better understand how it works.

We also hold regular competitions for the best photos taken, offering reimbursements of your treatment so get snapping! You can use #LessHidingMoreSmiling on Instagram, send them on email to social@yousmiledirect.com . 

Get your picture perfect smile 

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