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How to keep your aligners shiny and clean

Keeping your aligners clean is very important during your treatment. Not only for oral hygiene but also for your social life because leaving your aligners unclean can cause a stinky breath. Please check out our blog on tips of keeping the bad breath at bay.

Now, one of our tips on kicking the bad breath in the butt is of course cleaning your aligners. We shall now go into depth on how you can keep them precious aligners squeaky clean. So of course brushing your teeth before putting your aligners back in is a must and never ever eating or drinking sugary drinks while they are still in. Pure sacrilege! 

You can clean your aligners with the magical & natural ingredient that is simply WATER. But of course accompanying this with these other listed ingredients can ensure the killing and removing of grime and bacteria. Ensure that when you are washing your aligners that you use a separate soft toothbrush that you don't use for brushing teeth.

 What you will need:

1. Soft toothbrush

2. Water

3. The listed ingredients below

1. Water and. . .WHITE VINEGAR.

Fill a mug a little more than half way with lukewarm water then pour in a tablespoon of white vinegar into the mug. Leave your aligners to soak in the mixture for at least 15-20 minutes and brush your aligners with mixture when finished, ensure you rinse out the aligners as any residue of vinegar would be far from a pleasant taste in your mouth (unless you add salt and potatoes! Our Irishness may be shining through here).

2. Water and. . .SOAP. (On-the-go method)

So what type of soap you use is crucial. You don't want to use a coloured soap or a scented one. As this will damage and erode the surface of your aligner - or worse: stain them. Opt for a travel sized antibacterial soap that specializes in sensitive skin and is clear. Squeeze one pump of soap into a mug of water and let them bad boys soak for 20 - 30 minutes then brush your aligners with the liquid and rinse well. We recommend you bring an empty water bottle to use as a make-shift mug to soak your aligners in. 

3. Water and. . . RETAINER / DENTURE CLEANER. (On-the-go method)

Of course retainer cleaner is ideal for cleaning your aligners as they are basically sisters! (Denture cleaner can work also.) Mix the tablet or liquid with the water and let them soak for the stated time on the package directions. Use that trusty soft toothbrush to clean first and then let the soaking commence. Brush and rinse the aligners and pop those invisible babies back in. A variety of brands can be found online - get a shoppin'. 

4. Water and . . .BAKING SODA. (Stay-at-home method)

Not just a cookie ingredient - use this everyday household product to clean your aligners. Its best to use this cleaning solution when you are eating your dinner and maybe whilst doing the washing up as it will do your aligners the world of good if you leave them in this mixture for an hour. Use about a tablespoon of baking soda and a half mug of water and leave them soak for the hour. Give the aligners a good rinse & brush after and give your teeth a good scrub too before returning the aligners to their cozy home that is your teeth.

5. Water and. . .PEROXIDE. (Stay-at-home method) 

Its not as intense and scary as it sounds. Hydrogen peroxide is actually what is used to whiten teeth, you can purchase peroxide in any pharmacy. Pour a half mug of water and the other half with the peroxide. Leave your aligners to soak for at least 30 minutes, when you take them out give your aligners a good clean with the toothbrush and rinse well with water after.

Tips to remember when cleaning and caring for your aligners:

1. NEVER use hot water to clean the aligners - they could warp and go out of shape. 
2. Rinse your aligners after every use.
3. Carry your aligner case with you everywhere - the less icky bacteria that hits the aligners the better.

Have any more questions about the care of your aligners? Or still unsure about getting our aligners? Please contact our Smile Experience Team here. Or simply test your smile below. :) 


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