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How Do Our Teeth Change?

1. How do our teeth change as we age?

As we get older, all of the wear and tear from chewing hard foods or opening plastic bags with our teeth can become more noticeable. The area between our teeth can wear away and change the way our teeth bite together. There are many different forces on our teeth that are trying to move them such as your tongue, lips and the opposing teeth.  Our gums and lips, just like our skin can lose some of their elasticity and volume as we get older.


2. Why is it common for teeth to move and overlap as we get older?

We also lose some bone mass and the loss of jawbone density can result in teeth moving forwards. This can result in a crowding or overlapping effect of the teeth at the front of your mouth.



3. How do changes in the position of our teeth affect the appearance of our face? (e.g. make us look older)

It is the lower third of the face that is considered to be the most ageing part as we get older.  Loss of bone mass in the jaw reduces the size of the lower face and makes your forehead, nose, and mouth more pronounced. Your nose may also lengthen slightly. It is our front teeth that support our lips and the back teeth support our face. Both of these  prevent a dished in look which can prematurely age a face.


4. How does re-aligning and shaping our teeth alter the way our face looks? Does it affect our face shape for ever?

By having our teeth biting together correctly in the correct position, they will support the lip and cheeks and prevent a sunken look which is commonly associated with an older looking face.


5. Why are clear aligners a particularly good way to reverse this movement in our teeth as we age over other methods?

Clear aligners are a very discreet and safe way of moving teeth in adults. They will have a minimal impact on your daily routine and are removable so that you can eat what you like and still maintain good oral hygiene, something that is more difficult to do when fitted with brackets and wires.


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