15-May-2018 19:43:19

Flossing's gone viral!

So flossing has gone viral on the internet, and no we do not mean that there are billions of kids flossing their teeth frantically! Its actually a dance move, so the debut appearance and creator of this dental dance was from an Insta-famous boy called The Backpack Kid aka Russel Horning. The 16 year-old American has even made it to Saturday Night Live, he is seen performing his fluid and flowing dance moves with a dead-pan expression, backpack and all.


Because of this flossing craze and in the spirit of National Smile Month, it seems fitting for us to provide some information on what benefits and advantages the simple act of flossing can bring to your smile - dental flossing that is!

Better as a couple, not a single pringle!

This obviously does not apply to all the singletons out there, keep on doing your thing! But brushing AND flossing in tandem, as a must-do in your daily/nightly routine is definitely more effective than just brushing on its own. Brushing only your teeth and not flossing is quite like cleaning the outside part of a bowl but not cleaning the inside! The bristles of the toothbrush can only reach so far, which means that a high 35% of your teeth's surface remains untouched - AKA a breeding and party ground for bacteria!


Tartar - you can't sit with us.

So basically, tartar forms when plaque has been left for too long and begins to harden. Daily and nightly flossing will help you remove debris and plaque from the teeth which ensures no tartar forms at the gum-line of the teeth. Don't give plaque a reason to think it can turn into tartar and sit on your teeth any longer! 


Bad Breath Brigade

Debris from food and plaque can become lodged between teeth and gums which can contain icky bacteria which in turn creates a not-so-kissable-odour! Flossing prevents these particles to get stuck which stops bad breath and also the unfortunate, unsightly and common occurrence of broccoli or poppy seeds making an appearance when you smile.


Floss is the super-hero your gums need!

Plaque can not only stain your teeth but it can also be the culprit for Gingivitis which is the first sign and step towards gum disease; inflammation and infection of the gums! The plaque builds up and begins to erode and eat away at your poor vulnerable gums! Your gummy-gum-gums are the most vulnerable point of the gums and can be saved by you! You and your magical floss can save the day!


Are there conditions that can prevent you from being a Flossie King or Queen?

You find it hard to floss your teeth!

You can experiment with a electric flosser - it can be a good investment for your teeth. The more you floss, the less dentist visits that will be needed - less money and time is always good! The electric flosser can reach the back of your mouth easier than normal floss. Or simply practice with disposal dental flosser's with the handles, you simply move the flosser's handle so that the piece of floss curves around the tooth in a little "C" shape. Work the floss around and under the gum line and move the floss up and down between the teeth! You'll be a flossie-pro in no time!

dental_pickSensitive Gums are currently the bane of your life!

Do you have sensitive teeth or gums? You should opt for a softer floss that can glide easily with no friction in between you gums and teeth!

You are an adorable brace face - when you have metal braces it can be quite hard to do anything with your mouth, even the simple act of eating! But you can use a floss with a stiffer end and a sponge-like part that can easily access between teeth. This can be quite taxing and time consuming so the Your Smile Direct invisible braces could be more in your favour. You can remove these aligners while brushing,eating and flossing which means less food getting all up in your teeth and no braces! Plus less time and money spent on dental visits! ;)

In regards to the floss dance, we are pretty sure its most definitely a health benefit - look at those moves and stretches, do that every morning and you're sure to have a beach bod! 




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