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Breaking Down The Effects Of Citrus Fruits On Your Teeth.


There is all kinds of talk these days about just what foods do the most amount of damage to our teeth and gums and while a few names do appear to show up again and again there is one particular food which might be the most harmful of them all.

Most of us are familiar with that old primary school science experiment where a tooth is placed in a glass of some form of fizzy drink and left there for a day. The tooth eventually dissolves but why exactly does it do so?

Well this relies heavily on something called pH. PH is the metric used to chart the acidity or alkaline levels of a substance or liquid. The scale goes from 1-14, the lower the score lower the score the more acidic a substance is and the higher the substance appears on the scale the most alkaline it is. Water for example is a perfect neutral at pH 7 whereas something like battery acid would register a 0 or a 1 on the pH scale and a substance like baking soda would register a 12-14 on the pH scale.

Citrus Fruits are important for a healthy diet for a variety of reasons most of which rely upon Vitamin C which they are full of. Having a solid intake of Vitamin C is important in a diet in order to keep up the body's defenses, especially in winter. However having too much of these Citrus Fruits can be dangerous to the long term health of your teeth due to the fact that most citrus fruits such as Oranges, Lemons and Limes all contain citric acid which over time will start to erode your teeths enamel. Specifically Lemon and Limes both have pH's of around 2.30 which is more acidic then most fizzy drinks which have a pH of about 2.50.

While it is important to have some form of citrus acid in your diet  you should try and limit the overall amount you consume in order to protect your gorgeous pearly white smile.

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