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Your checklist before beginning Your Smile Direct treatment.

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Here at Your Smile Direct, we pride ourselves in providing a hassle-free, affordable and quick treatment using invisible braces! Although our service is pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves), we are strictly a cosmetic dental service . We focus on straightening the "six social teeth" AKA the front six teeth of both top and bottom arches. But during the scan and the impression kit process, we do capture and study the whole set of teeth within your mouth as it will provide our dental superstars with the information they need to check your eligibility to begin our treatment!

With this in mind, there is a checklist we recommend you complete before beginning your invisible brace journey with Your Smile Direct.

1. Visit your dentist for a check-up before starting treatment (pretty please!)

Our dentists recommend that you have seen your local dentist at least six months before you take your dental impressions at home or visit us for your dental scan. Your dentist can treat you for any dental anomalies, gum disease, crowns and fillings etc. that may be underlying before you begin your treatment. The better condition your teeth are in, the more effective our treatment will be!

2. Request a scale and polish while at your check-up. Have that smile shimmering before treatment.

Go and treat yourself to a scale and polish. This will fully ensure that your smile sparkles and shines before you begin treatment with Your Smile Direct. It will also ensure that you have cleared out any debris, particles and plaque from your teeth before wearing invisible braces for 22-hours a day - meaning less bacteria, less bad breath and an overall happier mouth! You can clean your invisible braces throughout the day as they are fully removable!

3. Whitening - the oh-so desired pearly whites.

Some people prefer to get their teeth whitened before their treatment or wait until they are finished as it is not recommended to undergo whitening during a teeth straightening process. If you think about this, it makes perfect sense. Your teeth can be crooked or overlapping with one another. During treatment, your teeth are constantly moving so the end result could be different shades of white on each tooth! Which is so not cute or natural in any shape or form! So it is advised to wait until after treatment to get your white on.

4. Your health and medical history is highly important!

If you have conditions like osteoporosis or an illness like cancer you will need a signed consultant form by your doctor stating that they are content that you can proceed with treatment. Remember, your health is your wealth, you need all other health problems assessed before treatment!

5. Pregnancy - give yourself extra TLC

Generally speaking, treatment should not interfere with your pregnancy and is perfectly safe. It is just recommended to keep your teeth clean and floss regularly. Dental erosion, tooth decay or gum disease from regular morning sickness could occur if not monitored. Pregnancy can, in some cases, cause gingivitis (gum disease) as hormones can alter the gums reaction with plaque, causing red and inflamed gums. The lesson to learn here is to clean your teeth as much as possible to prevent any plaque in the first place! (If only humans were like seahorses and the males could do all the maternal work) We would like to make a shout-out to a past Smiler who gave birth with her invisible braces in, if that's not dedication then we don't know what is!

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