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Am I Suitable for Invisible Braces? 

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When getting started on your Smile Journey with Your Smile Direct, the first step is to purchase your Home Smile Kit or book a scan at one of our Smile Clinics so that one of our licensed, registered dentists can determine if our aligner treatment will work for your smile.

We receive a lot of general questions about suitability, so we’ve compiled them here to help make your decision even easier!

Teeth.gifRegular Dental Care - Care For Yo’self.

In order to be qualified as a Smiler for YourSmileDirect, you need to take care of your choppers. Patients must have visited a dentist within the past year for a clean and a general check-up to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy in order to use our invisible braces.

We know that dentist trips can be expensive, our aim is to make our treatment as affordable as possible

 Cavities - You’ve Become Too Sweet!

You must have any cavities filled before you can be approved by the YourSmileDirect evaluation process. If you know you have a cavity, go ahead and get it taken care of before purchasing your evaluation kit.

Make a mental note to avoid sugar and plaque-friendly foods and drinks!  Otherwise, the dental providers in our network will see it in your photo assessment or impressions, which will prevent you from moving forward with treatment.

 Crowns - Because You Are Royalty.

Don’t worry, if you have crowns on your teeth (you King or Queen), you could still be eligible for treatment! However, if you’re planning to get a crown in the next few months, then you’ll want to do that before starting YourSmileDirect treatment.

Adding a crown changes the shape of your teeth, which would change the fit of your braces. We have seen some incredible transformations

Implants and Bridges - Try Burn Them.

Unfortunately, our aligners can't shift a permanent implant or bridge. Because implants are screwed into the bone, they won’t move during treatment.

We are very sorry to disappoint as we love people joining the Smile Revolution but this is a bridge that you sadly have to burn!

Baby Teeth - Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga.

If you still have baby teeth, then you unfortunately aren’t ready to be Smiler for YourSmileDirect. Shifting baby teeth requires a more in-person approach rather than a teledentistry model like ours. We wish you and your babies a healthy and happy future!

 Wisdom Teeth - The Yoda of Enamels.

Some patients with their wisdom teeth are eligible for treatment. You would need to discuss with your family dentist to determine whether or not you should retain your wisdom teeth during treatment, or if they need to be removed before you can be qualified as a candidate.

If they are removed, we send our blessings that you remain wise without them!

 Overbite, Underbite, Crossbite, Nibble . . .Wait.

Our aligners are designed not only to help straighten smiles, but they can also correct bite issues. Of course, one of the dentists in our network will need to evaluate your specific needs before giving you the green light for the invisible braces!

Snacking and nibbling can be lessened also as you will be wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day! :)

Invisible Braces.gif

Let’s Get This Smile Party Started!

It’s easy to get started with YourSmileDirect. After taking our simple online Smile Assessment, simply order your Home Smile Kit or book your Smile Clinic visit. Your evaluation is fully refundable if it’s determined you’re not suitable for treatment, so there’s nothing to lose.

Now that’s something to smile and dance about!


Am i suitable?



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