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Alcohol and your Oral Health

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Alcohol is a fun addition to any party (depending on the age range!), but it can have a direct correlation to your oral health. We want you to have the cleanest smile possible, so have a look at how alcohol affects your oral health below, and tips on how to dampen the negative effects.




Acid, Staining and Sugar

Drinking alcohol can have unfortunate effects on your mouth. A lot of alcoholic drinks are quite acidic, which can erode your teeth a small bit, even more so if the drink is mixed with juices or fizzy drinks. This weakens your enamel and you can then damage them later on by brushing.

Staining is another issue. Drinking darker alcoholic drinks, especially wine, can stain your teeth. You want to be careful when picking what you drink. Also, if you have your aligners in, you should only be drinking water, as they can get stained too!

Many alcoholic drinks have sugar in them to make the taste seem less bitter. This added sugar can soften the enamel on your teeth and cause cavities if you drink too much.




Our Advice

There are a few things you can do to make drinking less damaging to your oral health. The best thing you can do while drinking is rinsing your mouth out with water, and drinking water too! You will stay hydrated which is important, and you can wash out the acids, sugars and stains as well.

Brushing and flossing before going to bed is worth doing, no matter how tired you are by the end of the night. You can give your mouth a good cleaning, instead of letting bacteria and bits of food ruin your oral health overnight.


You’ve heard our insight - good luck and have fun with your night out! YourSmileDirect’s clear aligners allow you to have a great night out, because you can pop them out to eat or drink and then pop them back in. If you’re unhappy with how your smile looks, check out our clear aligners. We provide a professional service for 70% less than traditional braces. Click below to find out more!

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