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8 ways for you Dad's to treat yourselves this  Father's Day.

DAD! It is time to treat yourself, wind down and relax from your busy schedule, be it juggling work and your little minions or if its juggling the housework and full-time minion-minding.

But because you are a parent, you know yourself how much money is spent on the little ones, the groceries, the bills, the petrol, the doggo's etc. the list is endless. So we've decided to compile together ways of treating yourself that won't be too hard on the wallet.

1. Jump into the fictional world.

So if you are feeling EXTRA lazy and tired, why not cut that extra effort of holding a book and listen to a voice read to you via audiobook. You can pretend you are being read to sleep - all the better reason to escape your parental or adult reality.Even choose a childhood favourite to give you a healthy dose of nostalgia. Step through the wardrobe and go to Narnia or the brick wall to Hogwarts and it will feel as comfy as your favourite pair of tracksuit bottoms!

2. Clear the clutter of your space and your mind!

When you've settled the kids for the night, clear out the clutter on any surfaces in your room, wipe them down and just do a general tidy up. Change the bed clothes to fresh & clean covers which will make you feel like the King you are. Make a cuppa', kick back & listen to your favourite meditation app, stream your favourite Netflix or simply have an early night!

3. Book a day off from work just for you!

Use one of your annual leave days to do NOTHING AT ALL. Have your partner or babysitter bring the kids to creche or school. Have a lie in, make yourself a yummy breakfast, watch your favourite film or go for a stroll to your favourite spot. Because damn it, you deserve a break from both your full-time parent job and general work.

4. A little something can go a long way.

By no means put yourself into a tizzy about money as we all know parenting is not in any way a cheap lifestyle, just by-pass the designer shirts and trainers(for now) and buy yourself a new beard-oil or hair gel. Even the smallest and affordable self-gifts can give you a huge mood boost. Or simply treat yourself to a yummy lunch or dinner while out and about.

5. Get the hot towel shave of your dreams!

Go on and get yourself a professional grooming! Don't just go to your regular or local barbers, there has been a surge in barbers with an old-school vibe complete with the comfy swivel chair, traditional safety razors and hot towel shave. Have a browse around your city or town on good old Google, book yourself in and spend that little bit more than your regular grooming spend.

6. Your body is a Temple.

Make sure to perform stretches before beginning your workout, drink plenty of water during the day and during the workout. Or maybe you aren't too big into sports but find your shoulders are tense from work, the best remedy for sore or tense muscles is simply a bath. Many experts give the advice to fill a ice cold bath to numb sore muscles but if you are really not feeling this "cool" idea, simply add sea salts or Epsom salts to hot water with a dash of eucalyptus oil. This can reduce swelling and relax the central nervous system.

7. Get your smile on!

Parents always seem to worry about their kids teeth before their own, its like when you get the kids ready first and then don't give a toss about yourself and throw on whatever. Another factor is the amount that is usually needed for dental corrections along with a busy parent lifestyle where the idea of constant dental appointments sounds like a nightmare. So we feel Your Smile Direct is a perfect solution for the heroic dad's out there that have sacrificed their own self care due to cost and time. Your Smile Direct offers an invisible brace treatment at a affordable cost and little or no time in waiting rooms!

8. Have a yummy (but healthy) snack.

Engorging yourself on a packet of biscuits or crisps may seem like an amazing idea at the time but will either cause a slump after the sugar high or leave you feeling sluggish. So the best answer to this is a lovely bag of popcorn or pop by your local cafe / bakery for a baked treat like raw chocolate and coconut energy balls! Ideal to have these guys after a sweaty workout at the gym, training or a breakfast on the go!

So if you are reading this for tips on how to relax from your hectic dad lifestyle, or you are looking for ways to treat your dad this Father's Day; consider treating them to a Home Smile Kit or scan in a Smile Clinic Scan. This can give you or your dad the first little nudge to treat themselves to a straighter and more confident smile! Use the code: HSFATHER50 to get 50% off your Home Smile Kit or Scan! 


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