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10 Ways To Make Your Day That Little Bit Brighter

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Here at Your Smile Direct, we are all about the little things in life. The smallest things can have a huge impact on your mood for the day, they can be taken for granted which leaves them underrated and gives an ungrateful attitude.

A recent study has found that 2,000 adults reveals that finding money you didn’t know you had is the ultimate mood booster, followed by sunshine, getting something for free and getting into bed with fresh sheets.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Do not underestimate the simple act of having breakfast in bed, get up and make yourself a nice batch of pancakes or a fruit filled porridge with some scrummy toast and your favorite tea or coffee. Head back to your comfy bed and sit back, and mindfully savor the taste of your food.

2. Walking is underrated

Whether you get the bus, train or drive - get off a few stops earlier or find a parking space further away from your work. Walk at least 20-30 minutes to work and you will see how much more awake and better you feel. No sleepy-heads here! Make sure to wear your trainers to work and bring your work shoes in a bag. I you really can't face walking in the morning: take the stairs, not the lift! Every little effort is good for planet-you!

3. Disconnect

Today's world is so reliant on technology from Smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, even smart watches. So simply set an hour or two aside per day where you don't look at your phone or computer screen, and just have a little "me time". Go read an old favorite, go to your favorite coffee shop or simply talk with workmates on your lunch break and leave the phone at the desk.

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4. Spend that little bit more time in the shower or bath.

We may become so busy that we see washing ourselves as a chore. But try to see it as an act of self-care and respect. Even treat yourself to a special new shower gel or bubble bath. Put a face-mask on during your bath or after your shower - this goes for the males too. Do not underestimate the power of a good face mask - even David Beckham and Chris Pratt have skin-care routines!

5. Random acts of kindness

Doing something for someone else for no reason at all - it is by far the best feeling ever. Buy a workmate their favorite coffee, gift them with a little sweet treat, buy or make them a small decoration for their desk, bring in treats for the whole office. Make a yummy dinner for your family, do the washing up or laundry while visiting your parents - the list is endless.

6. Create a nostalgic playlist

Remember that song you used to have on repeat when you where a teenager? Or the album that even your parents know the order of because you drove them up the wall with overplaying it. Well its now time to revisit that lovely familiar feeling; get on to your Spotify and create playlist with all your favorite golden oldies. Blast the music while getting ready for work, listen to it on the bus or even let it be your soundtrack while working.

7. Put money aside for Y-O-U.

When you get paid make it a habit to put a suitable amount aside to treat yourself to something new, be it something small like a hair gel you've been meaning to try or a lip balm you saw a good review of. Or get that small speaker you kept meaning to buy or book an appointment for your skin or hair.

8. Make a list of things you are grateful of.

This may sound a little hippy-ish but hear us out, this act has been proven to keep any mental stresses at bay. Simply writing down or mentally noting what you are thankful for today - be it something immense like being alive or if its something simple like thankful for the shoes on your feet or the people in your life. It makes you forget any worries or anxieties and remember the positives in your life right now.

9. Be your own best friend!

This links in with the "Disconnect" section in a way, don't give too much attention to Instagram sensations - they only capture the perfections in life & all through a filter. So no comparisons to be made- you are YOU. Be your own best friend - and yes please sing Beyoncé's "Me, Myself & I". Talk to yourself with a positive attitude, pat yourself on the back when you finish that check-list, when you replace that light-bulb - small victories are better than no victories!

10. SMILE (and the world smiles back!)

Smiling has been proven to be a great mood booster, even when you are in a bad mood - cracking a smile can bring positive thoughts and maybe even a genuine smile. It can also help people who are undergoing mental stress. So smile at your bus driver, or smile at the kind car owner that lets you cross the road. It could be the kick-start to a good day or cheer up the end of a bad day for someone!

But if you are doing more hiding than smiling due to the small imperfections that keep you from grinning with confidence then consider brightening your day by starting your invisible braces Smile Journey with Your Smile Direct. This treatment can be as short as 6 months. You won't believe the results


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