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6 reasons college is the perfect time to wear invisible aligners.

So you are just beginning your uni-days or maybe you are nearing the end of the college journey and are readying yourself for "Adulting". Either way we all know that student life isn't exactly royalty - you are counting every penny when buying your weekly shop and avoiding the High Street shops like the plague. You or your parents have had to cough up funds for the college fees - you are working your part time job to fund your way through it. Living the pauper lifestyle is not fun at all but the constant partying and student discounts are what make it that little bit bearable.

Although you are in full budget savvy mode and all about saving, we are here to tell you that our invisible aligners are perfect for the student lifestyle and are going to list 6 reasons that students should invest in Your Smile Direct invisible braces.

1. It will cut down on your alcoholic beverages and keep you with a fresh head.

So this is maybe a big positive for the final year students - they want to live the clean lifestyle when in constant study mode and turning in early each night. Our invisible aligners are not to be worn when drinking anything other than water as unfortunately wine and beer will leave a stain. (As all the good things in life, they come with a price.)

Passed smilers have asked about going to celebratory events like weddings and festivals which you can read our tips and tricks here.


2. Prepare you for that all important Graduation grin.

You have your graduation in your sights or maybe its another 2 or 3 years away. But being prepared for it is better than the last minute scramble - even if we can reach your SmileGoal in less than 6 months. So no matter which stage you are in your college journey we recommend you treat yourself to this small token of congratulations for your big day. You will more than likely be beaming that the whole fiasco of studying and deadlines is finally over and done with and you might as well have your most perfect and confident smile!

grad3. Our cheap-as-chips payment plans.

No need to stretch the purse strings too far or dig too deep in those pockets. You can start your treatment with a payment plan. No need to feel the big the sting that usually comes with paying for dental procedures - you can even pay a deposit on your treatment plan and get the straightening process going straight away.


4. You will ace that all important job interview.

It has been shown by numerous studies and surveys that smiling will break the ice and ultimately relax both you and your interviewer plus it will spark confidence within yourself and calm your thoughts;

"A light, relaxed smile helps put others at ease and conveys a sense of calm, control and even confidence.  Smiling can help diffuse a wrong answer, fill in the gap in a lull in conversation or convey a sense of humor or light sarcasm if the situation calls for it.  While it’s your qualifications and skills that will ultimately land you the position, being the more likable candidate can help sway a hiring manager’s opinion where there are other applicants with similar backgrounds."


5. Our treatment will fit into your already jam-packed student schedule.

So you are already juggling weekly study sessions, college classes, part-time work, gym workouts, labs, college projects etc. the list is endless - we get that you are a busy bee. The beauty of our treatment is that you simply visit our Smile Clinic for one visit OR complete your own dental impressions at home. That is the little time this treatment takes from your schedule - your invisible aligners will be delivered in a neat little box on your doorstep. There will be no payments looming overhead by the end of your college career - just your perfect new smile.


6. Our Smile Experience Team will be with you every step of the way.

And last but not least our dentists and dental experts will be with you every aligner of the way during your treatment. They will be just one email or call away to talk to you about any worries or issues that you may have during your Smile Journey with Your Smile Direct.

billmurWe pride ourselves in being the most affordable teeth straightening method while remaining fully professional, reliable and helpful service to all of our Smilers. Taking note of the fact that we cut the costs for our clients compared to traditional methods makes it a match made in cosmetic-dental heaven for all you students out there! All UK students please have a sneaky click here for a discount. All you other Smilers - we are working away to make sure you are not left out.


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