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6 Ways to Attract Your Mr. or Mrs. Right

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On the lookout for that special someone? Sometimes it's hard to attract the right type of people into your life. Although you may think that it's difficult to meet your Mr./Mrs. Right, you can always prepare yourself, keep an open mind and dare we say it - an open heart. *cringe* But we have to admit - love does make life that little bit easier.

1. Self-confidence.

The first step to attracting others is being beautiful on the inside. Remember to love yourself! If you don't think you're good enough, then no one will admire you or try to become part of your world. Remember that nobody is perfect. Just continually improve yourself and be a kind to those around you. Besides, it's important to leave a good first impression when you meet new people. Release your positive energy, get your grin on and, of course, let your confidence ooze.


2. Show Your Uniqueness.

Tell them who you are. You don’t need to follow the trends of society or even guess what their favourite type is in the 'looks-department'. Just show the true you. You can share your interests, dreams, plans, or anything about yourself. If you want to find someone who can get along with you forever, just be yourself. When you hide the ‘real you’, it will be hard for you to change and you will be constantly holding up this facade. There is no need to change to catch someone’s attention and NEVER compare yourself to others - especially people on your social feeds (all under a rose tinted filter!)

3. Don't be afraid to be smart.

To have a relationship that lasts, you need to be on the same intellectual level. You should definitely show your intellectual side in front of someone you are interested in. Independent and intelligent traits are usually what attract others. It gives a sense of good character and temperament. (Just remember that smart is hot, but be wary to not fall under the 'know-it-all' section - major turn-off) 

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4. Never judge a book by its cover - but make sure to dust the cover every now and again.

Your appearance often leaves the first impression. So, dressing appropriately and practicing good hygiene is a must. Be sure to practice good oral hygiene before that all-important First Date. Brush your teeth and keep your breath fresh by chewing gum and mints. Have your makeup topped up and your hair looking fresh. 

5. Body Language.

Eye contact can be used to signal interest in each other. Don’t be hesitant or too shy to look into their eyes. Keep your phone in your pocket or bag while talking, give them your full, undivided attention. Another important signal is your smile. Studies have shown that one of the first features people notice in others is their smile. Are you afraid of showing your smile?

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Of course, not everyone has perfect teeth, just like hair and skin. But the treatment of teeth has become just as accessible as shampoo and face-wash. You can improve your smile yourself and not have to spend your life savings. You can brighten up your life and your smile by starting your Smile Journey with Your Smile Direct. Every stage of your treatment is monitored by registered, licensed, in-house dentists. Don’t hesitate to take action. We can change your appearance, confidence and even life!

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