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5 Reasons To Choose Our Invisible Aligners over Traditional Braces

Why choose Your Smile Direct's invisible aligners over fixed metal braces? You will be saying bye-bye to metal braces after reading our 5 top-notch reasons!

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1. Our Teeth Straightening Solution Is 70% Cheaper Than Other Options

Well, first of all, the braces are less expensive than the traditional orthodontic prices along with other competitor aligner systems within the market.

In fact, they work out 70% cheaper. We also offer a payment plan option, so you don't have to part with your money all at once - less of a sting, more of a win ;)

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2. Our Invisible Braces Are Invisible! 

Our invisible braces are more of a matte finish, so they will be less reflective when say a flash from a camera goes off for your all important selfie.

They are lightweight and easy to carry around in your YSD case. They are also created with thanks to innovative 3D technology.

unnamed-123Our braces are so invisible that they become part of the furniture sometimes - this is why we recommend using your YSD case provided. We know that looks are not everything, but we all like to feel at our most confident - the last thing you want is to feel like people are staring at your metal train tracks.

3. Our Invisible Braces are Removable and Light Weight!

No getting food particles stuck in any metal here! You wear your aligners for 22 hours a day, simply taking them out for eating and drinking hot beverages or sugary drinks.

You can then easily pop them back in when you're finished treating yourself to your favourite coffee or  snack.

deanYou can also easily remove them for brushing your teeth, using mouthwash and cleaning the aligners themselves. We recommend you bring a dental essentials travel bag around with you.

4. Straight Teeth - In A Hurry!

So we are a cosmetic dentist clinic, which means we focus solely on the Social Six, which means less time is needed for treatment.

It generally takes 4-6 months to straighten your teeth with Your Smile Direct invisible aligners. All 10 of your aligners will arrive at the same time in one shiny blue package.


You wear each aligner for 2 weeks at a time; we've been told by past Smilers that the time wearing the aligners flies by and you do not even notice having them in.

They do say that at the beginning of each change of aligner it can be uncomfortable, but after a couple of days when your teeth adjust any pain is all gone.

5. Say Hello To Your New Smile!

That's right, they may look like invisible mouth guards, but they most definitely do more than hold your teeth in place, they align and move teeth to where they are guided.

Our invisible braces can fix under-bites, over-bites, malocclusion's, crowding and crooked teeth.


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