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3 Problems Clear Aligners DON'T Have

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You may think that clear aligners are a complete nuisance, and that they completely ruin your life during the treatment. Well, think again! Clear aligners are anything but an issue (unlike those pesky ‘train tracks’). Keep reading to see a few examples of problems you WON’T have by using Your Smile Direct.


NO Banned Foods

This is a big one. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners have no limits to the food you can eat. You will not have to say goodbye to sugary food, gum or anything you have to bite hard into (apples anyone?). You won’t have to change up your diet with mushy peas, soup or anything else you would get sick of after a few nights. Also, remember to brush after indulging in these wonderful things, we don’t want any leftovers trapped between you and that perfect smile! Traditional braces truly limit what you can eat, but with clear aligners, you’re ready to explore the world of cuisine! (Too much? Sorry.) 




Who Needs Snacking Anyway?

You could see this as a problem, but in our opinion, not being able to snack as much with clear aligners is an absolute win. With clear aligners, you need to wear them for 22 hours every day, which is surprisingly easier than you think! You get plenty of time to eat and drink, but maybe not much time to snack if you want your treatment to be effective. However, when you look at this, how could it not be a good thing? If you’re sticking to your regular meals and nothing else, you’re guaranteed to be healthier and happier. You’ll be one more step closer to that perfect beach bod' as well as that ideal smile!




I (Won’t!) Break You

Any of us who’ve had those wicked ‘train tracks’ probably remember the pain of something going wrong at the absolute worst moment. These things come loose or snap ALL the time, even if you didn’t cause it yourself. That's not a problem with us. Clear aligners are a solid, BPA-free plastic brace that are comfortable and effective. No more embarrassing and time-wasting visits to your dentist to get that one thing fixed, it’s all smooth sailing from here!




Well, you’ve been given some of the advantages that clear aligners have over traditional braces; it’s pretty obvious that they’re the way to go. If you’re interested, click below! With Your Smile Direct, you can get a smile to be proud of in an average of 20 weeks!


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