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3 Key Ways That Dental Braces Have Evolved



One of the biggest way in which dental braces have evolved over the past 20 years has been simply the materials that have been used in the process. In the past  there would be a semi-circular wire placed around the teeth in a attempt to keep them aligned. These wires were made out of a variety of materials but most of them centred on some form of metal as a base. This in particular lead to the rise of gold being used in various dental procedures. Gold’s versatility as a substance allowed for it to be heated and then moulded to fit the patient’s teeth. Today the modern day brace or aligners are almost invisible and are made up of a combination of BPA free plastics which are semi-transparent unlike their unwieldy metal ancestors and allow for discretion with their use.


As we discussed above the usage of gold within the dental industry as the early 1900’s gold had become so expensive that many dentists had begun to abandon the metal in favour of other materials such as stainless steel which were more cost effective. Although through the various advances in dental technology the materials used in these procedures have become more cost effective to the point where almost anyone can avail of the of services such as our's here at YourSmileDirect, where the smile of your dream has never been more affordable.


The change of the braces designs has also lead to the adjustments in the the techniques used to apply the braces themselves. Whereas previously metal brackets would be placed on individual teeth and combined with a wire around them, which exerted pressure on the teeth, which was how they were eventually aligned. The addition of dental adhesive allowed for each bracket to be held in place more securely. The modern day aligners have been designed to be more flexible in their usage with alignment plans using a sequence of aligners to make gradual changes to the patient’s teeth until they have their perfect smile. Why don’t you click here and start your journey towards the perfect smile today.


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