Mamma Fairy Take Over: Mothers Day!


We have a special guest taking over our blog for the very important day that is Mothers Day! It is the lovely Mamma Fairy Blog! 

One Month Review : Mamma Fairy

I think we all have that one thing that bothers us about ourselves or something we would perhaps like to change.  For me since I was in my late teens it was my teeth. They didn’t warrant braces as a teen but as I got older and wisdom teeth appeared it changed them a little.  I rarely, if ever smiled in a photo. I became very conscious of them. A number of times I made enquiries about doing something but life got in the way or large outlay house car etc took precedence.

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Ultimate Smiler Guide to Feeling More Confident

Confidence is tricky. Sometimes we can feel super confident and then sometimes we feel painfully shy. Don’t worry; it’s something most of us deal with. There are tips and tricks we all pick up along the way so here is our Ultimate Smiler Guide to feeling more confident and in turn giving you a perfect reason to smile more!

As Demi sings "Whats wrong with being confident?"- Nothing Demi, nothing!

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Top 5 Myths about Invisible Aligners

So many people still mistrust and believe myths about invisible aligners, so we are here to help debunk these myths and give the people the truth! Here at YourSmileDirect, we like to follow the Honesty Policy because then you can enjoy our aligners more, smile more and attract more good karma into your life!

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Student Smiler Survival Guide: Top Tips to reach the best beam for your Graduation photo! 

FINAL YEAR STUDENTS OF THE UK! You deserve to be treated like the Kings and Queens you truely are, you have had your heads in the books, been living off buttons and hunting the clubs for the 2-for-1 terrible (but cheap) cocktails. It is about time you got something back for all the blood and sacrifice! 

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What You Need To Know About BPA.

Bi-sphenol A, or BPA, has become quite something of a hot topic over the past few years with various groups raising concerns over whether or not BPA is potentially dangerous to human beings.

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Breaking Down The Effects Of Citrus Fruits On Your Teeth.

There is all kinds of talk these days about just what foods do the most amount of damage to our teeth and gums and while a few names do appear to show up again and again there is one particular food which might be the most harmful of them all.

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3 Key Ways That Dental Braces Have Evolved


One of the biggest way in which dental braces have evolved over the past 20 years has been

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